16 tips for ordering

[China Glass Network] orders, orders, or orders. Damn order. How can we get more orders with a higher success rate? In addition to having to be very good with our customers, there are sometimes tips to help you get more orders with less effort.

First, the choice method (also called the second choice):

Don't ask the customer how many boxes of goods you need to enter, but ask the customer to enter the A box or the B box. (The number reported to the customer is the price that we think the customer can enter, and the price that the customer can digest; another number is A little more than this number of goods). The average person always has the mentality of guarding and taking advantage of the price, only when choosing a question. People tend to unnaturally choose to think that they are good for themselves (think that the goods that are inferior are actually cheaper), and their psychological precautions have been greatly weakened. Always make choice questions for customers, not to ask questions.

Second, the example method:

Take the order of how many other customers enter the box as an example to guide the customer to purchase the goods. People have a great sense of herd. When the opinion leaders around us or most of them agree, we will follow the opinions of everyone. When the customer discovers that the big or competitors on the street have already purchased the goods, or most of the people have already purchased the goods, the customers will generally follow the others to purchase the goods.

Third, the gift method:

This is the method that is often used by fast-moving products. Designing a threshold for participating in the event (how many boxes are in or must meet certain conditions), and then how many rewards can be obtained (generally rewarding something more desirable to the customer). With a variety of promotional package benefits, guide customers to purchase more.

Fourth, the fuzzy method:

The customer can not record the specific quantity of the order, appropriately expand the quantity of certain items and increase certain items (this method can only be applied to relatively careless, well-talked customers, not extensive).

V. Valet decision method:

When the customer is hesitant (in fact, the customer is able to purchase, just a little worry), don't ask if it is necessary, it is a fact to directly put the order out.

Sixth, the desire to squat:

Using the person's exclusive psychology, telling the customer that there is no goods, no gifts, no qualifications to participate in activities, limited methods, etc., so that customers feel that he is a cheaper. This method can be used to thank customers and control customers.

Seven, the request law:

Tell customers how difficult they are and how many tasks they have. Taking advantage of the customer's sympathy, the acquaintance is not easy to refuse, so that customers can purchase more products. When using this method, pay attention to the situation, you can't always let the customer feel that he is helping you, then he will help you one day.

Eight, ask the law:

For customers who have no way to get it (there is always a hint that I am stronger than you in the heart, educating the younger generation of vanity), directly and honestly ask the customer, ask him where he is doing badly, and let his guidance may produce an accident. The joy.

We put some method titles that can get orders. Basically, we want to take more orders and more goods. We must always be customer-centric and truly care about the needs of our customers – always help customers earn. More profit. From the military's point of view - the soldiers are impermanent, the water is impermanent. The use of skills is not static, it is a constant change based on the actual situation, it can be a method, can be a variety of, more in no-order combination of applications, to see the move. The skill class is just a supplement to our work. The real thing is to do good things and care about the interests of our customers.

9. Assume that the prospective customer has agreed to purchase:

When the prospective customer repeatedly appears to purchase signals, but hesitates to make up his mind, he can use the "two choices one" technique. For example, the salesman can point to the customer and say, “Would you like the light gray car to be silvery white?” Or say: “Is it still on Tuesday> is it sent to your house on Wednesday?” The second choice of one of the questioning skills, as long as the prospective customer chooses one, in fact, you help him get the idea, determined to buy.

● Help prospective customers choose:

Many prospective customers, even if they are interested in purchasing, do not like to sign orders quickly. He always picks them up and keeps spinning around the product color, specifications, styles, and delivery dates. At this time, the clever salesman will change the strategy, not to talk about the order, and then enthusiastically help the other party to choose the color, specifications, style, delivery date, etc. Once the above problems are resolved, your order will be implemented.

● Use the psychology of "fear of not being able to buy":

People often want to get it and buy it, the more they can't get it. Salespeople can use this "fear of buying" mentality to facilitate orders. For example, the salesman can point to the customer and say: "There is only one product left in the future. If you don't buy it in the short term, you will not have it." Or say: "Today is the deadline for the preferential price, please grasp Good opportunity, you can't buy this discount price tomorrow."

● First buy a try to see:

If the prospective customer wants to buy your product and has no confidence in the product, he or she can suggest that the other party buy a try first. As long as you have confidence in the product, although the number of orders has just been limited, after the other party tries to be satisfied, it may give you a big order. This "try to see" technique can also help customers make up their minds to buy.

●If you want to squat:

Some prospective customers are innate and indecisive. Although he is interested in your products, he is dragging his feet and making decisions. At this time, you may wish to deliberately pack things and make a way to leave. This act of pretending to leave can sometimes prompt the other party to make up their minds.

●Reverse question:

The so-called counter-question answer is that when a prospective customer asks for a certain product, if it happens that there is no such thing, he has to use the counter-question to promote the order. For example, the prospective customer asks: "Do you have a silver-white refrigerator?" At this time, the salesman can't answer no, but should ask: "Sorry! We didn't produce, but we have white, brown, pink, Which of these colors do you prefer?"

●Quick knife and chaos:

After trying the above several techniques, you can't touch the other party. You have to use the killer steel, and you can directly ask the prospective customers to sign the order. For example, take the pen and put it in his hand, and then directly said to him: "If you want to make money, sign it!"

●Apprentice to learn, attitude is modest:

When you have exhausted your tongue and tried to make all the stops, it is not effective. If you can't do this business, try this method. For example: "X manager, although I know that our products are suitable for you, but my ability is too bad to convince you, I admit defeat. However, before you leave, please point out my shortcomings, let me have an improvement. The opportunity is good?" Like this humble words, it is not only easy to satisfy each other's vanity, but also to eliminate the confrontation between each other. He will encourage you while pointing you, and sometimes give you an unexpected order in order to cheer you up.

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