ayk women's simple fashion prominent sweet youth

From the trend of Hong Kong society anotherF. CK's less Shu brand AYK , tailored to the unique creative and bright colors, to subvert the current women's basic, traditional style, a combination of US and European nobility and Tokyo fashion style, exquisite three-dimensional cut through And a distinctive design favored by young girls.


ayk women deal with interesting details like fully reflect the simple, stylish, zest for life and focus on the young girl's daily dress fashion inspiration into which the prominent sweet youthful, confident, sensual, feminine curves reflect leisure.

a.y.k女装  简单时尚突出甜美的青春气息

Chenille Fabric used on sofas is becoming increasingly popular. Chenille is a thick fabric createdfrom yarn that has a raised tufted pile. When chenille yarn is later woven together to create a fabric, it is the tufted yarn that gives the chenille fabric its soft, textured surface.

The word chenille is the French word for caterpillar. This name was given to chenille because of the unique way that chenille yarn is created.

Chenille yarn is created by twisting shorter threads of yarn called pile threads between two core threads of yarn. The shorter pile threads then poke out atright angles. Its these pile threads poking out that gives the yarn a fussy, tufted appearance that looks rather like a caterpillar.

Chenille is most commonly manufactured from cotton but it can also be created from materials such as polyester, rayon, wool and even silk.

Chenille Sofa Fabric

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