Lady Court brand women's winter simple Jiangnanfeng

The company has a number of stable, excellent, high-quality management personnel, technical staff. Under the premise of steady development, it has passed the certification of ISO9001 quality management system for many years in succession. In the course of the full implementation of quality management, we strive to create a cohesive management team that is honest, efficient, lean and innovative, and strives to continuously launch branded products with first-class quality, fine craftsmanship and reasonable price to satisfy consumers.


Product is the soul of the brand, the designer is the creator of the brand soul. The company takes the construction and management of product development team as the focus of its work. Through years of accumulation and training, the company has been able to accurately grasp the pulse of the market and closely follow the market and consumer needs, continuously follow up the market and launch new products .

佳人苑品牌女装 冬装简约江南风

Lady Court Women , in the design concept from the Jiangnan style and culture of life. Fresh and bright spring, elegant graceful summer, autumn fashion atmosphere, simple winter leisure. In the use of color, the traditional white, pink, blue, yellow, black, purple, coffee-based color, and the most popular colors, to create a fashion, the road clothing classic.


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