Different ways of gold wealth management

Different ways of gold wealth management Compared with financial managers who are looking for interest on bank deposits, investment properties, stocks, etc., gold investors have really paid for “real gold” during the year. However, people in the industry recently admitted in an interview with People's Daily Financial reporters that in 2012, the gold market is difficult to show the 2011 bull market scene. He also revealed that consumers can choose their own gold financial products through six channels.

Gold prices are gloomy. Next year's trends in the industry are divided. Review of the 2011 gold price trend, from January 1308 / ounce jumped in January to 1920 US dollars / ounce in September, which has 612 US dollars / ounce of gains. Subsequently, the international gold price rebounded sharply under the influence of the US dollar rebound. In mid-December, gold fell below the support level of 1,700 US dollars per ounce, and the light is gradually becoming dim.

Jindi Shengshi, President of the People's Republic of China, told reporters that the next important support point for gold is US$1600/oz. If the outlook price falls below this support level, it may bring about a rapid decline. It is expected that the price of gold will be lowered to US$1,475. Near every ounce. But he also said: "In the short-term, gold may be soft, but we are still bullish on the long-term trend of gold." He pointed out that if investors can buy at the low price of 1,550 US dollars per ounce in September, or It can provide better time for the layout of 2012.

With regard to the trend of gold prices in the coming year, other industry experts also expressed their views. Financial commentator Shuipi believes that the bull market in gold for the last ten years has ended after creating 1920 points. Huang Junjie, chief wealth management expert of Guangdong Development Bank, believes that gold will also be a long-term upward trend. If the European debt crisis continues to expand next year, the volatility of gold prices will remain relatively large. For the average citizen, gold is scheduled to invest and physical gold can be used for medium and long-term investment.

Consumers invest in gold through six channels. According to industry sources, gold investment is not mysterious and complex, but investors need to understand that gold prices are priced in US dollars, which is inversely proportional to the US dollar index. The safe-haven property also determines that the banknotes are printed more gold or rise. In addition, international gold prices are also affected by the economic, financial, and monetary policies of developed countries such as Europe and the United States. The pegging of the dollar and the changes in monetary policies of advanced economies are the major directions.

“Ordinary consumers investing in gold financial management can be broadly divided into physical gold, paper gold, Tiantong gold, gold T+D, gold bullion, and gold stocks.” Li Xiaodi said that these six investment methods have different risks and are suitable for different people. .

Gold in kind: Investors who are suitable for low-risk-resistant investors have long-term holding Li Kuangdi, saying that when buying gold in kind, they must first ask sellers if the purchased gold bars can be bought back. In response to the repurchase business, he said that the current practice is that when consumers purchase gold, they will pay an extra 10 yuan per gram to the seller. When consumers reversely sell gold to sellers, they can get the instant gold price. Return, earn the price difference when buying and selling. He suggested that gold in kind, suitable for older investors who do not know much about online transactions, will be able to withstand long-term inflation.

Paper Gold: Non-physical investment in gold profits through speculative trading Paper Gold is a gold-on-paper transaction and does not involve the withdrawal of physical gold. Investors' trading records are only reflected in the individual's pre-opened "Golden Passbook Account", while the profit model obtains profit margins by buying low and selling high. Paper gold is actually profiting from speculative trading, not gold physical investment.

"If the long-term collection or gift of relatives and friends, investors can choose physical gold trading, if you want to get a short-term transaction price difference, paper gold is a good choice." Li Xiaodi said that the advantages of paper gold trading is the absence of storage fees, logistics and identification Fees and other additional costs. However, when investing in paper gold, it is necessary to grasp the principle of high throw-down and low-sucking, fast-forward and fast-out, and in the case of unclear trends, quickly close out after making profits. Doing gold accumulation can choose regular accumulation and active accumulation in two ways. The former periodically quantifies the purchase of gold every month, which can be used for low-cost and long-term investment; the latter can choose low-end to buy more, buy less or buy less, active Stronger, more flexible operation.

Li Kuangdi said that the investment in paper gold is relatively small. It can start from 10 grams and be priced at 370 yuan per gram. The price of 10 grams is only 3,700 yuan. Paper gold is suitable for junior investors to do speculative learning. Electronic trading is more suitable for young people.

Tiantong Gold can leverage 12.5 times leverage to increase capital utilization. Tiantong Gold is one of the precious metals trading products of the Tianjin Precious Metals Exchange. It belongs to a two-way profitable category. It can buy profit by rising, and can sell profit by falling. . Its trading hours are 24-hour trading, and trading is continued on Mondays from 8:00 am to 4:00 am on Saturdays. This compensates for the most frequent time period for the international gold price volatility, and provides zero time risk services for the Chinese gold trading products to stop quotes and transactions.

Li Kuangdi said that there is no time limit for the delivery of Tiantong Gold, and how long the position can be held can be grasped by investors themselves. Unlike the expiration of **, no matter how much the price has to be delivered, it can reduce the operating costs of investors. The transaction funds are signed by the customer, the stock exchange and the bank. The three-party agreement is signed directly by the Bank of Communications and is not trusted by the members of the exchange.

He used the example of short-selling single-profit as an example, assuming that the price for the warehouse is 366.45 yuan per gram, the closing price is 357.15 yuan per gram, and the profit for the short position is equal to the opening price - the closing price = (366.45-357.15)*1 (lots) * 1000 (Kilograms per lot) = 9300 yuan.

However, Li Judi reminded that because Tiantong Gold uses 12.5 times leveraged margin trading (only 8% [ie 1 lot = gold price * 1000g * 8%] of capital investment, amplify 12.5 times) to increase the utilization of funds. At the same time, it also increased the risk of the transaction. "It is recommended that consumers should not have a speculative mentality and should be held in the mid-to-long term in the context of the bull market." Li Yudi said.

Gold T+D Business and Gold **: Professional Investors with High Risk Prevention Ability The “T” in Gold T+D is the first letter of Trade and “D” is the initial of Delay. Gold T+D is similar to the T+1 trading pattern of stocks. That is to say, stocks bought today cannot be sold today. They must wait until the next “one” trading day to sell, and there is no limit to the price of gold T+D. In other words, gold T+D can be opened at any time, open positions, open positions on the same day you can open the same day, or the third day of the second day or even longer before closing positions can be.

The gold T+D is guaranteed by a margin system. Its distinctive feature is that it uses less money to make larger purchases. Margin is generally 10% of the contract value. Compared with stock investment, investors invest much less money in the gold T+D market than other investments, commonly known as “small fights”.

Li Yudi said that the purpose of the gold T+D transaction is not to obtain physical goods, but to avoid price risks or arbitrage, and generally does not achieve the transfer of commodity ownership. Its basic function is to provide producers and operators with the means to hedging, avoiding price risks, and forming fair prices through fair and open competition.

"Similar to the gold T+D business, gold is also a part of the deposit to pay a small amount of money, but the ** and T + D is different, with a strict deadline for delivery." He said.

Li Yudi believes that ** and T+D are suitable for investors who have experience and relatively large amount of funds, gold ** is particularly suitable for gold and silver processing companies, traders, and miners to hedge their own cost pressures.

Gold Concept Stocks: Stocks may not be synchronised with the soaring international price of gold. For asset allocation Gold prices are high for a short period of time. Will gold stocks keep up with the rise? Li Yudi thinks this is not the case. “Currently, the sharp rise and fall in international gold prices cannot directly affect domestic gold companies directly. This is similar to the relationship between international oil prices and domestic oil prices. Domestic and foreign prices need relevant mechanisms for conversion. It takes time and there will be a sense of lag.” He said.

Li Kuangdi said that the number of domestic gold stocks in the capital market is not small, and as the gold bull market continues, some stocks still have room to rise. He suggested that investors who have already opened an account can use it as a certain asset allocation, and they can also use it as an arbitrage tool when the market starts.

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