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At present, multiple evidences show that China's garment industry has shifted from the “Made in China” to “Created in China,” which means that the era of independent apparel brands has entered the new stage of historical development, and brand building has become a brand for every apparel. The key to strategic development. As a rising star of China's casual wear brand, Y.CMD has taken brand building as the key point for market inspection since its establishment. In the cooperation with franchisees, effective brand management strategy has made it more accessible. More attention.

Quarterly slow-moving sales and vicious inventories are the crux of the brand management that is often cited by apparel distributors. How can we fix the symptoms, not only can we help franchisees to protect the existing economic benefits, but also can do long-term governance on the crux of the problem? This is a problem that Y.CMD focuses on in the brand management process, and handed out a full score in the fierce market competition.

The slow-moving goods stayed more and more rampant, and the malignant stocks were stuck in the throat. This not only caused the outdated impression of the goods in the stores, but also hindered the listing of new products, resulting in a vicious cycle. Therefore, avoiding product oversea season and eliminating malignant stocks are the primary issues that ensure the brand's monopolization and profitability. Yingcaimeidi (Y.CMD) through the scientific ordering and stocking system, so that franchisees in the actual business process is not tired of inventory.

Brand management ycmd full color score

It is learned that Y.CMD's marketing department will use the objective facts as a basis every quarter to reach a conclusion through scientific analysis. Provide a reliable basis for distributors to make scientific orders. Each quarter, Y.CMD collects a large number of provincial agents, franchisees, and consumers' information data to analyze the feedback from different channels on the products so that the next round of orders can be made. , investment promotion work. In addition to the introduction of a series of free policies for the franchisees' early joining, the Y.CMD is still perfect in the later stages in managing the franchisee's operations, store display, and employee training. In the corporate values ​​of Y.CMD, a win-win situation is the ultimate goal. On the basis of sending objective economic benefits to franchisees, it also wins the corporate social identity.

As a brand operator, Y.CMD perfectly interprets three identities. First of all, as a store display specialist, Y.CMD clearly studied the best display plan for each size of the store, which can be divided into several areas, and which areas to display. There are several series of these products. Several styles, several colors. Goods have master sales, concept goods, color goods, etc. How their proportions are allocated. Second, to be a smart fashion buyer, accurately grasp the local fashion trends, wearing preferences, consumer psychology, etc., YCMD's fashion buyer attitude makes it like an accurate brand target audience database, not only The information needed by the consumer market provides the most frontier and most scientific data support for ordering, inventory handling and brand management.

In addition to effective brand management strategies for product terminal sellers, brand franchisees, Y.CMD is also doing its best from the source of brand management. As we all know, brand building is based on high-quality products that are marketable. If the positioning of apparel products does not meet the market demand, then the management and assistance to the joining agents in the later period are all futile. Products must be based on market demand, all to meet market demand for the purpose of improving sales performance in order to profit.

Y.CMD locates the urban fashion family with a psychological age of 18 to 30 years old and a core age of 22 to 28 years old. It is mainly aimed at college students and young white-collar workers who pursue fashion. Clothing management is a perceptual economy. This target consumer group has its own unique insights into fashion and its style of dress does not follow an unusual path. This requires products to follow fashion trends. Months may become dead, and if you do not update your clothing in time, do not pay attention to communication with consumers, it will become a corner forgotten by consumers. To this end, Y.CMD insists on the product design progress that is synchronized with the fashion trends of Europe and the United States. It adopts healthy, environmentally friendly and comfortable fabrics. The perfect delivery system guarantees that new products are on the shelves quickly, reduces inventory, and relieves brand franchisees. The worries behind it laid a good market foundation for brand building.

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