"Academic faction" re-discussing the trend of color spinning and innovation based on innovation to win the future

On June 1st, 2012 “Huafu Cup China” Color Spinning Fashion Design Contest, jointly organized by China Fashion Designers Association and Huafu Color Spinning Co., Ltd., held a press conference in Beijing 798 Art District, officially announcing this domestic The first special design competition that used specific yarns as carriers to connect yarns, fabrics, and garments opened the prelude to the third event.

In fact, this month's competition has already started its promotion work two weeks ago. Recently, teachers from 10 well-known textile and clothing academies, including Beijing Institute of Fashion, Shenzhen University and Wuhan Textile University, came to Huafu Textile Industrial Park in Shangyu, Zhejiang Province. During the visit, they visited Huafu's research and production base for color spinning. , Participate in the competition running training, exchange the fashion trends with Chen Hua, president of Huafu Color Spinning, and color spinning research and development experts.

During this period, the reporter interviewed some college teachers about the development of the Huafu Cup competition and the fashion of color spinning, and they also gave their own unique interpretations.

In order to understand this theme, the teachers of the college expressed different things but reached the same goal: emphasizing the originality of the design and emphasizing the design of the garment, especially the knitting. Fashion design should begin with the source - yarn, emphasizing color design, emphasizing color spinning.

Chen Jingyu, associate professor of Zhejiang University of Technology's School of Clothing, believes that yarn is the source of fashion design, and the innovative design of colored spinning should capture the concept of “source”. It should be promoted by combining the unique environmental protection concept of color spinning, the mixed characteristics of dyed yarns, and the richness of color. And the design, the theme of this contest highlights these features, while encouraging original design, the selection of topics is very appropriate.

Guo Ruiping, an associate professor at Beijing Institute of Fashion, further pointed out that the theme of this competition emphasizes originality and emphasizes the type and color of apparel design. Profile and color is not only one of the basic elements in apparel design, but also meets the characteristics of Huafu Color Spinning, emphasizes the matching of colors, and uses color matching as a breakthrough point in design innovation. It is also a training exercise for competitors. The understanding of spinning yarns and fabrics enhances their ability to apply basic design elements such as color and texture.

Feng Bo, a lecturer at Art Institute of Northeast Dianli University, suggested that participants should be able to fully understand the characteristics of color spinning and its differences from general fabrics, start from the source for innovation, creative design, closely follow the theme of the contest, and seize the unique color spinning Sex considers the type and color of the participating design work. Wang Jun, Dean of Dalian University of Technology’s School of Garments, also pointed out that the participants should upgrade their understanding of the color spinning fashion from the design concept, integrate with international trends and market demands, adhere to the original design, environmental protection concept, focus on color performance, and design garments. The perfect combination of colored spinning yarns.

Consolidating innovation to achieve a win-win situation Wang Jun believes: "Professional and accurate positioning, industry and business support, professional institutions sponsored, hired a professional evaluation team, the contest has considerable continuity, focusing on long-term effects, and the times."

Guo Ruiping said that a win-win or even a win-win design competition is a success. On the one hand, the organizers of the contest can expand the influence of the enterprise through the competition and select outstanding entries to provide new design ideas for the company. On the other hand, the contestants can enhance the height of the design through the contest and can organize the finalists. Participants visited the company, deepened their understanding of the company and the color spinning, combined their own professional qualities and competition requirements, and continued to deepen their understanding of the color spinning in the competition so that the participants could pass as many and comprehensive contests as possible. Understand the color spinning industry, expand the design vision and ideas, and provide reference for future job selection.

Huang Zhigao, dean of the School of Fashion of Henan Science and Technology College, said that based on the future, it can be successful. With far-reaching conception, it not only benefits the sponsored brand's market expansion, but also facilitates the selection and training of design talents. Secondly, competitions that can attract a large number of players are more likely to succeed. Therefore, there must be enough attractiveness in the fabric and production support, the number of prizes, and the international composition of the judges. At the same time, the authority of the organizers can also have greater influence. In addition to the participation of the association, it should also attract the participation of local governments and authoritative media.

The color spinning fashion space remains to be excavated. For the past 20 years, Huafu Colour Spinner, one of the organizers of the competition, has continued to promote and promote the color spinning fashion. College teachers all expressed that the color spinning fashion represents a comfortable, rich and profound humane care. lifestyle. As Guo Ruiping said, fashion, environmental protection, and science and technology are the core concepts of the fashion lifestyle of color spinning. Color spinning apparel emphasizes the concept of natural comfort, energy saving and environmental protection. It pays more attention to the comfort of the wearer and eases the visual quality through soothing colors. Fatigue sensation, good moisture absorption and breathability of cotton material is more close to nature, and the good extension and traction of knitted weaving method make the garment more suitable for everyday wear, easy to exercise, and effectively relieve work pressure and discomfort. Catering to the human concept of returning to human nature in the future is one of the important trends in the development of knitwear in the future.

Huang Zhigao thinks that color culture (geography, ethnicity, internationalization, etc.), material culture (material art from various national customs circles), craft culture (traditional color spinning technology culture in different regions, new technology and technology culture), dress style ( Different people's clothing and matching methods, science and technology (with the characteristics of the times, become a hot science and technology concept) and other aspects of three-dimensional, diversified mining, so do full culture articles, create a more diverse style of charm, to meet the diversity of apparel products Needs.

Wang Jun believes that efforts should be made in the following four aspects: the orientation of international fashion trends, the concept of environmental protection and healthy life, and the implicit combination of traditional Chinese culture and fashion concepts, design creativity and lifestyle.

Guo Ruiping emphasized that we should tap from several aspects of environmental protection, fashion, and technology, focusing on the design of colors and textile yarns. We must design from the fiber level and innovate at the source of design. The space for apparel design is a great expansion if the fashion designer. It is also involved in the design of yarns, which may provide more innovative ideas, and at the same time, it will be more closely integrated with the final garments. At the same time, through color's innovative collocation of color, Chinese consumers' awareness of color and aesthetic level are enhanced.

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