How does the salesperson answer the incoming call

[China Glass Network] First, customer consultation - call incoming

Answering a call is one of the regular tasks of a salesperson. The salesperson must be aware that any incoming advisory call may be an opportunity to buy or sell. For incoming customer enquiries, we should pay attention to the following points:

1. Answer the call, as appropriate. After the second ringing of the telephone, it must be answered immediately. Any action that intentionally hangs the microphone during the working hours without answering the phone or unanswered the phone for no reason must be eliminated.

2, open the door to see the mountain, self-reported home. The first sentence of picking up the phone should be: "Hello!" Then you must report your identity, and proactively signing your identity is a step forward in sales success. When the customer answers the call, in order to confirm that this is the department he is looking for, he is likely to ask: "Is this xx company?" Your answer can't be just "yes". The correct answer is: " Yes, this is XX company. I am the account manager (seat agent) of xx ×××. Is there anything I can help you?” Of course, at the same time, the customer’s name must be kept in mind and he is often used during the call. The surname is called him.

3, the tone is calm, the term is appropriate. A salesperson must have a tone of voice in the sales of the phone, a relaxed tone, proper use of words, and a pleasant enjoyment for the customer, so that the customer is quickly infected by the relaxed atmosphere, so that he can enter the conversation state happily.

4, the outline of the eye. When talking to the customer at the beginning, try to let the other party speak as much as possible, find out all the requirements of the customer, accurately understand the meaning of the customer, and grasp as much information as possible of the customer. Don't just say that the customer just said that he wants to smoke a cigarette and interrupts and says, "Yes, what brand do you want?" Concentrate on listening, grab the problem center, maintain a polite attitude, and answer concisely and accurately.

6, make a record. At any time, the salesperson must have a pen and paper on the phone to develop a good phone note habit. The main points of the record: the name of the other party, the company name, the phone number, the time of the call, the content of the inquiry (time, brand, price, special requirements, etc.), the main points of your reply, such as immediate commitment or dues, etc. Track implementation.

7, "Please wait a moment." In the process of telephone interviews, this sentence should be used as little or as little as possible. The reason for this happening is that it is not familiar enough with the customer's inquiry or other things interfere with him. For the former, we must practice basic skills in peacetime. Any matters related to sales in the visiting center must be well-known and can be used in a flexible manner. For the latter, this requires a spirit of mutual assistance, and other colleagues should immediately remove the assistance. Even if it is a last resort, you must be "slightly" to keep customers waiting, and don't let customers wait. Philip, a well-known American management consultant, said: "One of the things that people who call is more troublesome is to hold a microphone without sound."

Second, telephone ordering - call out

Telephone sales are not sitting in the office of the visiting center, waiting for customers to call and then seize the opportunity to sell. Time to wait, in today's fiercely competitive market, salespeople must take the initiative to call customers for telemarketing. Before making a call, you must conduct a basic survey of the customer to understand his store information and personal information in order to do a good job in customer classification and provide personalized service. The main points are as follows:

1. Open the door. When you dial the other party's phone, you have to find the person you are looking for. For example, when a retailer answers the call, he can immediately ask: "I am a salesman of XX company, may I ask if XX is there?" This question allows the other party to answer specific content, and does not allow him to have the opportunity to say "no". So as not to fall into a dilemma.

2. 15 seconds earlier. The first 15 seconds of the sales call to someone else is more important.

If you can't quickly impress the other person in a more effective way, let him judge whether your conversation is worth listening to, he may interrupt the call with you unceremoniously, and the next time you even find him, he only needs? Listening is you, you may feel impatient. Therefore, before you dial the phone, you must go through serious research and open the door to touch the topic, causing his interest.

3. You are honest. One mistake that salespeople are more likely to make is to lie. The later result is of course caused by customer resentment and loss of customer trust. Sales work is a solid effort. You must do a lot of pre-investigation and market analysis, do a good job of positioning, and look for the goal? Your product is what he needs. Then we can be realistic and seek trust from others in an honest manner to promote sales.

4. Product advantages. In telemarketing, don't simply explain to customers how the product packaging you sell is so beautiful, because customers can't see these features on the phone, and emphasize the benefits of selling it, only the benefits can be imagined. Such as "this brand is a tight brand, the number is not large, if you enter the goods, it will increase your local influence."

5. Value each other. The purpose of calling the customer is to actively promote sales, and the salesperson's active speech is important. However, you must also pay close attention to the reaction of the other party. In particular, when the other party has objections, it must not be disregarded, deny the other party's formulation, and even criticize the other party for "not right" or "do not pull down." The correct approach is to listen carefully, take over the objections raised by him, analyze them, and supplement your solutions to reassure him and eliminate concerns.

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