Haijia Shi brand women's and women's field of entrepreneurship to join the choice

Haijia Shi brand discount fashion women have a strong design team, superb production technology, extensive business philosophy. Company to the market as a guide, designed as the soul, in the service of the public's purpose, is committed to fashion, leisure and comfort of women's fashion development and sales.


After years of efforts, Haijia Shi brand women's wear in the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta region has begun to take shape, has won the love of many merchants and consumers. Haijia Shi brand women's product design will be the traditional Chinese arts and crafts with the integration of modern fashion elements, with good hands to create the United States continue to give more deep cultural connotation.


Haijia Shi brand with comfortable and superior fabrics, coupled with fashion and relaxed, personalized design, to ensure the quality of the Haijia Shi brand women, extending the fashion "green life" so that consumers personally experience the pulse of the forefront of fashion apparel culture , To meet the high-quality visual and psychological needs of fashion women.

Haijia Shi brand women's company will provide an effective and complete terminal system to support the Haijia Shi brand terminal stores. At the initial stage of cooperation, the company can provide a series of systematic trainings on personnel recruitment, training management, product display, distribution, sales service, shop operation and promotion. During the cooperation period, the company will share marketing market information, product information, sales experience, management experience and operation experience with the terminal operators of HYSG through meetings and training so as to help you formulate an effective marketing strategy and marketing system.

Haijia Shi brand women's commitment to create the absolute guarantee of women's field of entrepreneurship to join the choice.

Product category: "Jushen" brand,(JS-HPCFROPE) high-performance Composite Fiber Rope is a new product independently developed by our company. It is made of high-density, high-molecular-weight polyethylene coarse fiber produced by special process. The high-density, high-molecular-weight polyethylene crude fiber has the advantages of low density, high modulus, resistance to ultraviolet rays and various chemical corrosion, and outstanding impact resistance, abrasion resistance, cutting resistance, and toughness.

Its performance is compared with nylon multifilament 66 rope:

1) Density: high density, high molecular weight polyethylene crude fiber is 0.98 g/cm 3 , and nylon multifilament 66 is 0.98 g/cm 3 ;

2) In the case of the same size: Take the specification of 64MMX220M rope as an example, the weight of high-density and high-molecular-weight polyethylene thick Fiber Rope is: 460KG, the breaking strength is: 1120KN; the weight of nylon multifilament 66 rope is: 560KG, The breaking strength is: 810KN;

Comparing the two: the high-density, (JS-HPCFROPE)  high-performance composite fiber rope is only 83% of the nylon multifilament 66 rope, and the breaking strength is 138% of the nylon 66 rope, and has good floating property; Extremely high, it is the best substitute for the upgrade of nylon multifilament 66 rope. At present, the rope has obtained the national [utility model patent certificate."

There are 8-strand JS-HPCFROPE rope, 12-strand JS-HPCFROPE rope, and polyester / JS-HPCFROPE Double Braided Rope,

Our company is a relatively large cable manufacturer and wholesaler in China, with perfect after-sales service and technical support. Looking forward to your cooperation!

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JS- High Performance Composite Fiber Rope

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