Congratulations CARMEN women's Shunde store grand opening

Warm congratulations CARMEN Women Shunde store opened on June 16, Calvin , a glow of vitality and passion of the outstanding garment enterprises, are pioneers of passion in all parts of the world, for all the beauty of women to bring a charming dress experience !

卡蔓 - Carmen

Collecting the international trend of the fashion factor and the passion of women's dreams, Karman International Fashion Co., Ltd. since its inception in 1997 to the leading company operating philosophy and pragmatic, efficient and people-oriented entrepreneurial spirit, adhere to the fashion counterparts, innovation, Make Calvin steady development of enterprises, a dazzling apparel industry Pearl.

In recent years, Ka Man Enterprises to accelerate the pace of international operations, the Hong Kong operations headquarters in mainland China set up a vertical brand operation center, and in the Chinese fashion capital Humen established a research and development, production and logistics base, the rapid expansion of the market network to mainland China , Southeast Asia and other regions, and now has more than 100 sales terminals.


Calumet owns CARMEN, SANOS, A.DESIGN and BOTTI's four independent apparel brands, all of which are well-known in the ladies' apparel market. Among them, the CARMEN brand's products have gained an outstanding taste and distinct style from the fashion industry Highly regarded, its unique design concept reflects the clever combination of Western-style cultural trends with the traditional oriental charm. The style is elegant and full of passion, favored by oriental fashion women. CARMEN brand in the Mainland has won the "Chinese famous brand" "outstanding women's brand in Guangdong Province" "TVB International Miss Chinese campaign designated sponsor of garments" and other awards.

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