Bright leather jacket with autumn and winter must-have items

Bright leather down jacket is one of the popular fashion elements, since the beginning of the epidemic, the annual winter are no better than shiny leather style, this winter is no exception, bright color down jacket is so concerned, Zhuowei Le children wear bright leather jacket with children Also experience the joy of being concerned about. Bright skin not only because it is bright, do not think the bright skin is not good, will be hard, the child's body is not good, in fact, bright skin is not hard, and its cortex is a softer than the style is not bright leather A little, bright leather style can also be more warm, winter can do airtight, so that the baby that is stylish and warm. Bright leather style is relatively close to the adult design, dark style design, like a small adult, black sleeve stitching the main colors of chocolate, bright skin color can be very much attention, very attractive in the sun Oh role, out of the street children is absolutely the concern. (Source: Zhuowei Le children's clothing winter 2013 new)

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