The ancient jade multi-life color is also reflected in the patina

After millions of years of cultivation, the jade has gathered the essence of the heavens and the earth, and it has been hardened by the ancestors thousands of years ago. It has experienced the vicissitudes of life and deeply imprinted the mark of the years. "The ancient jade and multi-life color", although the word of metaphor, is vivid. The sage is "to Jade", the core of Germany is "benevolence", and "the benevolent life" is the sage's belief. Ren is a virtue, life is good, and jade has a rich beauty.

Ancient jade can be divided into two categories, one for the excavator and the second for the circulator. Unearthed ancient jade, the years are long and lasting, exudes an infinite amount of life. Due to the burial of soil for thousands of years, it is infiltrated and nourished by various elements in the soil. The color is sinuous and the color is more and more simple, and there is a color of “algae painting and rui”. In the image, freckle is the "life spot" of jade. This is not only a change in appearance, but also a change in "temperament." The ancients said: "Air is the destruction of the gods." It means that the existence of life lies in the air, so people often use "the temperament" to describe health and vitality. Many people expect longevity, but people do not have a long-term life test. As the saying goes: "Life is seventy years old," and the millennium ancient jade has no life, its inherent life is a mysterious vitality, so it is expensive for the world, and it is expensive.

The ancient jade multi-life color is also reflected in the patina

As the saying goes: "Jade has five colors, winning 100,000 gold." Common jade has a color and multi-color enamel. Due to the internal factors of the ancient jade and the intrusion of external elements, it will inevitably cause many changes, and the twilight is also unpredictable. The metaphors of the image are: chicken blood spot, jujube red, baby face, chicken bone white, ivory white, nose green , crab shell green, eggplant purple, sauce purple, black lacquer, beauty 白, ginkgo green, sweet-scented osmanthus yellow. The trick of twilight also affects the surface of jade, presenting another magical pattern, such as: orange peel, camel skin, Tang plaque, fish plaque, cow hair, suede, ice cubes and other vivid metaphors, like a weather-beaten Old man's wrinkles. The world is a good ancient jade, using the "Heaven and Earth Xuanhuang", "three light Yao", "four-dimensional Shenghui", "five-star Jukui" and so on. "Feng Xian Zhu Shou" and "Wan Fu Tong Tong" are the top grades in the ancient jade, rare rare.

The ancient jade multi-life color is also reflected in the patina. When people know ancient jade, they often talk about old age and old gas. Apart from the shape and knife method, they never exclude the beauty of twilight and patina. The production of patina depends on the long-term inhalation of the light of the sun and the moon, or the body's moisture is obtained through the long-term use of the human body. The surface of the jade forms a moisturizing radiance. Now the jade polishing (polishing) technology is good, it is still difficult to produce a package. This mysterious effect of pulp. The patina is solidified by "gas", which makes the jade more clear from the surface and inside.

The heart is good in ancient jade, and it is endlessly interesting. It is a great love for collectors and literati. The Chinese people all believe in "the people of Germany, the family of jade", and as a training language for the support of the heavens. There is also a way to play jade, the so-called "people raise jade, jade raise people." This summary is both relevant and profound, and it is clear that playing jade can prolong life and be good and good!

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