Mozambique ruby

Since the discovery of Paraiba Tourmaline in Mozambique in recent years, this mysterious emerging producing area has attracted much attention. It has attracted gem merchants from all over the world, and gemologists have gone to explore. Mozambique is also expected. Near the famous Niassa International Park in northern Mozambique, the treasurers have discovered red and sapphire deposits that are gem-quality and have some mining value.

Niassa is located in the northwest of Mozambique, close to the Tanzanian border. These new ruby ​​deposits belong to the famous East African Mozambique belt, a complex geological area with a large number of gem deposits, producing rubies, sapphires, garnets, spinels, emeralds, tanzanites, etc. Among them, Mozambique rubies have received a lot of attention.

Mozambique ruby

With the Mozambique Ruby entering the Bangkok market in 2006, due to its color close to Burmese rubies, the output is large and unheated can reach 3 carats. The transparency is high and it is highly regarded. Scholars have conducted a number of research work on Mozambique rubies to distinguish them from rubies from other regions.

The crystals of the original stone of Mozambique ruby ​​are relatively complete, showing a relatively flat crystal plane. Its color distribution is uniform, pure to the color of Burmese rubies. The acicular inclusions, which are thicker in length and of different lengths and oriented at 60/120 degrees, are characteristic inclusions. In addition, it can be seen that the secondary healing is arranged in a circular distribution along the vertical C axis. However, no red sapphires with starlight effects have been found in the Mozambican producing areas.

Mozambique's rubies come from four deposits, three in Niassa and one in the province of Cabo Delgado. Among them are the origins of RUOMEBEZE, M'sawize and Ngauma in the province of Niassa.

Due to the high iron content of Mozambique rubies, X-ray fluorescence spectrometers are easily distinguished from iron-poor rubies produced from the lithology of East Asia. And for the same iron-rich ruby, such as Winza ruby. In appearance, the gemstones look very similar to the rubies of WInza (Tanzania). But compared to Winza's ruby, the Mozambique ruby ​​is more pure in color and does not contain the blue tint of Winza Ruby. And the distinction can be made by the filamentous inclusions of Mozambique characteristics.

Mozambique rubies attract many gem lovers with their excellent quality and large particles. This new place of origin may become the star of tomorrow for rubies.

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