The rareness of "treeized jade"

Jewelry and jade studies believe that those naturally formed, rare materials with a certain hardness and decorative effect are jewels and jade. “Tree Jade” has already possessed the four elements of “natural”, “rare”, “hard” and “beautiful”.

The formation of "tree fossils" requires extremely harsh geological conditions. The fossils of paleontology are only one in ten thousand, and the probability of forming "tree jade" is even smaller. "Tree Jade" is transformed into a strange form due to its special and complicated form, or it can be seen that the piano is leisurely, the mountains are standing, or the waterfalls can flow, the tigers and dragons are smashing - the image is fascinating, the shape is strange, the heavens are human, Characters, animals, fish, birds and flowers are all in the "trees of jade", and some of the fine works can be shaped like, and can even achieve realistic degrees. At the same time, because of its special causes and thousands of changes, it is a non-renewable resource, and it has a very high historical value, scientific research value and ornamental value, making this prehistoric treasure more rare.

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