CHIC 2012: Tsai Kang-yung to help out October Mum maternity dress

March 26 Beijing service fair, maternity brand October Mommy not only the introduction of Italy's "Pietro Brunelli" top maternity and Meng Mo Department of "happy" brand of clothing came together side by side, also invited the Taiwan variety show "Kangxi Came "to presided over the kaikang yong came to help out, which is also following the set foot in the" shoes "design dandy dyed pregnant women clothing, on behalf of the class is small during pregnancy m S platform October, kai kayong scene play" clothing high-tech "Become the biggest highlight of this event.

十月妈咪 - O.C.T.mami

Star effect highlights, October mom shiny service fair

On the day of the event, Tsai Kang-yung, who appeared on the scene, attracted the fans and audience screaming again and again. Witty humorous ability did not change, attracting audiences with a laugh. Activities at the scene, in the organizers, "October Mommy" under the careful arrangement, Tsai Kang-yong not only big show their own "sideline" - clothing with, also invited to personally experience the fashion of maternity, the fans at the scene close Come in touch with your idol. Finally, under the combination of the organizer's Hi-Tech "October Mommy Baby Face" application, it not only predicted the appearance of the third child "Xu Laosan" of the gold partner Xiao S in advance, but also took the opportunity to synthesize a "card oil" Partner Kang Kang-young and small S's "Kangxi kid," the atmosphere once reached its climax, which also makes other booths are truly envious of the staff, even more admired the infinite charm of high-tech applications.

CHIC 2012:蔡康永助阵十月妈咪孕妇装

"3D dressing magic" to help out, the original pregnant women try out the original can be more simple

In October Mommy's booth there is a people have to see the high-tech products - digital dressing mirror, not only the star big name "Tsai Kang-yung," repeatedly applause, even the audience is also attracted. It is reported that this called "digital dressing mirror" simulation fitting can be described as a hundred kinds of ways to see, after careful examination many viewers have lamented "amazing." As long as people stand in front of the screen, gently change gestures, you can choose different features and clothing styles on the screen, and the display appears on the reality of wearing your dress. Even more surprising is that with the body swing, the clothes will follow, just like the real wear on the body, completely eliminating the need to take, take off, change the troublesome fitting process, especially considering the mother during pregnancy Problems with mobility. Many of the spectators on the scene saw this magical machine in vogue and were "dressed in" "October Mommy" and "Happy" costumes before digital dressing gowns, and the young mums thoroughly felt the uniqueness of a pregnant mother Image, but only one second to show or hot mom or sweet Lolita children, a large number of styles provoke everyone to come to "audition."

According to October Mommy's staff introduction, this dressing system is based on Augmented Reality (AR) and somatosensory technology developed applications. Simply put, AR is the real environment and virtual objects in real time superimposed on the same screen or space coexist, the digital dressing mirror screen, the user was able to try on a variety of clothes, that is This principle.

At the scene, Tsai Kang-yung also "throw it out" a bold attempt to cooperate with the high-tech weapons for the presence of lucky fans selected a set of stylish maternity, not only for the presence of you handsome men and women, stylish hot mom who felt Tsai Kang-yung "sideline "The talent, but also amazing October Mommy introduction of high-tech products to help really" happy. "

CHIC 2012:蔡康永助阵十月妈咪孕妇装

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"Happy" reload appearance, October Mummy to create the flagship of the Kingdom of pregnant women

This time, Mummy's booth in October not only showcased the brand "October Mommy", but also its other brand "happy" key launch.

Depends on its sister brand October Mommy's 15 years of maternity operation experience, "Happy" owns and masters the unique professional version that best suits domestic pregnant women. Its products include pregnant women's fashion, anti-electromagnetic radiation suit, pregnant women's underwear , pregnant women Functional pants, nursing suits and pregnant women supplies and other products. Its product line completely covers the entire pregnancy, but also breastfeeding and postnatal body bundle, to achieve one-stop shopping, to provide full coverage of pregnant mummy throughout the pregnancy care. And a popular maternity dress, known as 90 after the main consumer groups, the age of about 20-30 years of age. With a different customer base for the entry point, October Mommy fully meet the diverse needs of maternity wear.

Meanwhile, Pietro Brunelli (referred to as PB) brought by the "October Mommy" with the unique fashion sense of Tsai Kang-yung brought the Expo to the top maternity dress brand in Milan Fashion Week and was stationed in London's Harald Harrods, Galeries Lafayette and other luxury department stores in Japan, Isetan in Japan, and flagship stores in Milan and Moscow. Specially locked top high-end consumer market, loved by celebrities lady, the gorgeous appearance also fully reflects the October Mommy has always advocated the "pregnant fashion" style.

Who said pregnant women dress is not beautiful, and pregnant can also be very Fashion.

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