Compound needle motor keeps turning

1,               Zero position, power supply, wiring connector, signal board to see if there is any problem;

2,               Mechanical failure

Black screen:
MPU outer bad fuse F2 + 12V, resulting in sensor shorting
The machine hits the right limit : :
1,               Multi-chip expansion function is wrong;
2,               The starting needle is set incorrectly;
3,               The right limit is broken.
4,               The needle reader is broken
5,               Left and right sand mouth parking point is too big
Longitudinal flower needle
1,               Long needle skew or needle type is wrong;
2,               The needle groove is dirty, making the needle sideways
3,               Bottom of the triangle
4,               Needle hooks become smaller
Hanging needle
1,               Wusi
2,               Brush height
3,               Sand mouth is too high
4,               Needle
The length of the V- neck is different (the front piece is woven by the side): the purpose of the replenishment (uneven degree)
                                    Duty motor exchange
When the degree is too loose, the roller pulls the big point, one side.
Once turned on, shake the bed and shake it to the side:
1,           The sensor is bad;
2,           Check the server;
3,           Interface board
All degrees of motor heating:
1,           Unstable voltage
2,           Duct motor board is broken
3,           The master in the nose box is bad and needs to be replaced.
Pick a half-eye - put on / add a needle
Retraction - fabric partial weaving
Gu Bo - one line of four flat weaves a few lines before / after one side (up to only 6 lines)
False alarm:
1,           There are no stolen goods on the needle bed
2,           Bearing
3,           Line (signal line is in contact with ground)
1*1 ribbing is the hardest to do.
The greater the amount of shaker, the more the wire and the flying wire.
The silk is higher than the yarn because the silk is eaten after eating the yarn.
1*1 rib, double-sided, and many needles---adjust with two sand spouts
Flat, single-sided - adjusted with a three-hole sand mouth

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