High-profile street show Fun Europe and the United States

Ben Wang, April 10 hearing, the top model in the show's highest rate of return in the high street, in addition to the exquisite face and the general people can not control the gas field, it seems to wear it Fancy, but Europe and the United States range of children is so good in them! Europe and the United States range of children's popularity so that the girls are a lot of blind worship and sought after, really take it up to wear? How to control the proportion?

Slim trousers +Tee

One of the favorites: Slim trousers + Tee

The basic Tee is a favorite of European and American girls, simple and casual with Slim trousers, retro sharp shoes to make enough to keep returning, patent leather material and color jumping orange oblique diagonal bags echo, nude color locomotive paragraph long windbreaker handsome plus Minute.

Slim trousers + suit

The most favorite models: Slim trousers + suit

Suit +Tee is also a common style, Slim jeans with uphill wedge suede boots, the texture is a lot of heavy, the dome of the hat and diagonal bag to pull the original serious fashion into the mix The feeling of leisure is in it.

Dress + leather

Three favorite models: dress + leather

It's not hard to see Madou in the street shooting. Most of them are dress + motorcycle leather clothes. They look really good-looking! Orange animal stitching dress, the color is not so clear, but it feels really good! Black shorts boots Irregular lapel leather suit echoes up and down.

Tee+ dress

Four of the most favorite styles: Tee + dress

The sea-sleeved shirt's middle-sleeved Tee level matches with the basic long-sleeved, nude-colored pleated skirt is suitable for this romantic season, black boots + fight color handbags, pay attention to the waist fluorescent pink belt decoration, you can quickly see you It's too slender!

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