SOFEYA Sophia brand women Guilin, Guangxi grand opening

SOFEYA Sofia brand women Guilin, Guangxi grand opening, friends are welcome to come to visit! Shanghai Langdai Clothing Co., Ltd. is a professional design, production and sales in one of the modern women's enterprises. Since the establishment and launch of the registered brand "sofeya" in 2001, the company has devoted itself to fashion dressing taste that leads the urban knowledge women; advocating individuality and diversification without losing the classical dress concept and clothing culture; Elegant beautiful female figure.


With accurate market positioning, to create a classic, stylish and consumer demand combined with the design style and user-friendly management philosophy, the company will make unremitting efforts to further strengthen the refined production management, strengthen the end support and customer service concept, in good faith, Dedication, humanity, fairness for the cultural connotation of enterprises, and strive to "sofeya" into a perfect combination of artistic pursuit and commercial operation of the intellectual women's brand !

SOFEYA brand with pure fashion PARIS leading, with the needs of the Chinese market to elegant and romantic profile, rich and elegant colors, new and elegant fabrics fully demonstrated the noble and unique SOFEYA products, stylish and beautiful.

â–  SOFEYA products are divided into three sections: fashion section, boutique section, occupation section.

â–¡ fashion section [proportion of 50% / age 35-45 / average price of 1000-1500 yuan]
Collection of the most popular elements and fabrics, designed to meet the fashionable women's novel, to meet the pursuit of a unique trend of the ladies.

â–¡ boutique section [ratio accounted for 35% / age 40-50 years old / average 2000-3000 yuan]
The use of gorgeous extravagance of the fabric, the originality of cutting and a large number of hand crafted craft, set off the lady's gorgeous and noble.

â–¡ Occupation section [proportion of 15% / age group 30-45 years / average 600-1000 yuan]
Mainly in the form of capable professional suits, concise lines, fit tailoring, for white-collar workers and administrative staff to provide a decent dress for their own identity!

â–  SOFEYA products include a variety of professional suits, features within the ride, high-grade wool (cashmere) shirts, dresses, high-end coats, windbreaker, winter clothes and fashion fur, to provide customers with a full range of dress choice!

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