How to choose children's sports shoes

[This website - shoes and life] currently on the market a large part of children's sports shoes are air-cushioned sports shoes, air cushion children's sports shoes insole made of special rebound material, can effectively absorb part of the reaction force, reduce the burden on the foot, Wearing more relaxed and comfortable; slowing down the vibration during exercise, but also provide additional shock and support.

A survey of 335 children between the ages of 12 and 13 found that the students of the Department of Sport Science at the Chinese University of Hong Kong found that students with flat white sneakers had better foot development. Professor Hong Youlian of the department believes that children's feet are still under development. Wearing thin-soled shoes helps the foot to fully reach the ground, making the arch and foot muscles grow better. Wear platform shoes or cushioned sports children's shoes will make the children's feet stunted.

The height of the air cushion is an indispensable factor that affects human health. Excessive soles can cause a series of foot problems, such as hallux valgus and flat foot disease. In addition, as the height increases, the lumbar spine and cervical spine become more and more concentrated, resulting in chronic injuries that eventually lead to low back pain and cervical spondylosis. When adolescents choose air-cushion shoes, the height of the air-cushion should not exceed 1cm, and the air-cushion should not be exposed. Exposed air cushions are easily damaged and are more likely to cause unexpected injuries. Children's sports shoes selection, can refer to four steps: measuring feet, choose shoes, try shoes, check feet.

How do moms choose the right shoes for toddlers? Xiao Bian collects the following items that must be noted:

1. Be careful to choose a comfortable, soft, and appropriate size. Too big to fit, not to follow the foot. Too little affect the growth and development of young children, causing foot pain, will make the foot pain, deformed feet, forming deformities.

2. The style is novel, the color is bright, the structure is simple, the surface decoration materials of the shoes are less, and the safety is the main thing. Young children are very sensitive to fresh things, are used to grasping by hand, or use the mouth to bite, so say that try not to buy shoes for children with metal accessories, so as not to children's curiosity.

3. Select easy-to-wear shoes.

4. The bottom of the shoe must be tough and elastic, but also to avoid deforming the child's foot.

5. The breathability of the shoes is better. The best choice is cloth shoes or leather shoes.

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