Fashion show Shulang hand in hand the new Silk Road dream fashion stage

In the clear autumn sky, a glamorous model contest is staged. Sponsored by the new Silk Road Shandong Organizing Committee, Shulan sponsored the 2014 New Silk Road Chinese Model Competition Shandong Division preliminary contest first sea election, opened on August 24 in Wanda Plaza, nearly 50 models from the Shandong Division participated in the first preliminary match The selection.


时尚秀 舒朗牵手新丝路 筑梦时尚舞台

At this time of year, the new Silk Road is one of the hottest topics of all time. This is the place where innumerable boys and girls dream, and they also stand out from the supermodel extraordinary journey. Competition scene, handsome and beauties gathered, instantly became the square's most beautiful scenery, attracting a large audience stop and watch. Players have a beautiful face, the same figure, but also through the T-Taiwan show, personal introduction, interpretation of random music, judges and other comprehensive consideration of questions and answers, familiar with stage players calmly show their talent, hard-edged ; First-mover stage contestants face the audience slightly nervous, under the presence of the judges slowly into the state, outstanding performance. This year's new Silk Road contest, "Xiao He was exposed sharp corners," Shurang will be holding a new Silk Road, showing more exciting events in the beautiful Springs brings a feast of fashion, so stay tuned for the follow-up event Express.

时尚秀 舒朗牵手新丝路 筑梦时尚舞台

时尚秀 舒朗牵手新丝路 筑梦时尚舞台

It is reported that the new Silk Road Chinese Model Contest has been successfully held for 21 sessions since 1989. As the most authoritative model contest in China, New Silk Road continuously delivers excellent talents to international T-shirts and fashion circles, and has successively introduced many famous talents such as Ye Jihong, Qu Ying, Yu Na , Hu Bing, Zhang Zilin and other dozens of supermodel at home and abroad.

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