Vest coat with a long fall vest with how

Vest trench coat styles, vest trench coat is not the first time I heard that? Yes you heard is true, there windbreaker vest style slightly, vest long section of the coat is, the card spread women's vest with style, burgundy, dark green long paragraph vest with two colors.

卡蔓 - Carmen

First to introduce wine red vest style, long red wine vest style, take the ride is also a long wine red T-shirt style coupled with high heels, it is a gas field, wear this kind of clothing do not bangs , So no gas field to Oh.

背心风衣搭配 秋季长款背心怎么搭配

Dark green long vest trench coat style, dark green This is a little shorter, not so long, but also ass cover style, vest itself is a more versatile within the same color, the lower body with a purple pants , Stylish colors to wear take, carry a wine handbag is obviously very professional.

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