Long dress with polka dot black silk skirt is what kind of

Young girls always like to challenge different styles of clothes. Indeed, young is capital. Futian ladies , women can also shape the young fashion leader, full of temperament. The following describes several dresses, full gas field, filling femininity.


This wave point sleeveless skirt with high-quality high-grade fabric, simple version, light texture, comfortable and gentle, top-class upper body won the women's favorite. With a piece of red embellishment, reduce age and fashion. Loose version of the shape of the girls.

长款连衣裙搭配  波点黑丝裙是什么样的

Mysterious black, I believe no girl will refuse it. The same is a sleeveless dress, this is a very domineering, very Royal style. Of course, will reveal a bit sexy. Black silk, shaped like a black swan, full of charm.

长款连衣裙搭配  波点黑丝裙是什么样的

This unique ink-jet printing element dress version, charming fresh, filling Ya Yun. Light texture, thin thoroughly transparent. Classic retro elements into the modern atmosphere, it is beautiful.

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  1. Cotton fiber resistance to ALKALI, easy to wash, disinfection, but also conducive to the cotton textile dyeing, printing and various processes to produce more new clothing styles.
  2. Cotton fiber in flowers is natural fiber, contact with the skin will not have any irritation, but also do not have any negative effect, so we wear cotton products for a long time is also good for the body.
  3. Cotton products are relatively good heat resistance, in daily use can be more casual washing printing and dyeing.

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