Harmony Monkey children signed a successful contract Sichuan and Guangzhou Guangyuan two new franchise stores

Now a lot of parents of 12-year-old children have a problem, the children continue to grow up, do not know where to buy clothes. Children's clothing is too small and not suitable for this age to wear, some casual brands feel too mature ... Ha Lemon is designed for children aged 3--15 years of high-end children's clothing brand, from children to children to children The clothing can be found in the Ha Lemon store. And in order to allow more families to buy Harlequin children's clothing, recently signed two new stores in Sichuan and Guangdong. Harlem Monkey children's wear products style casual, stylish, elegant, elegant, European fashion trends as the main design of the original speed, and the aesthetic of Asians, Japan and South Korea absorb fashion, with emphasis on product design in a leading position.


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