Fujianese looking for pyrophyllite mines in Laos (photo)

Pay attention to the investment in stone (technical pyrophyllite), open Baidu, enter "leaf stone" or "Laos", there are many information about the partnership investment Laos pyrophyllite, please be cautious. According to the feedback from the Vice President Huang Guofu and the Deputy Secretary-General Li Longfeng from the Fujian Baoxun, the Lao government has banned the export of such stones. Now there are major mines, and there are military and police officers in the port and the street. You just bought it, and you can't bring it back. At present, there are more than 600 people in Fujian who are looking for pyrophyllite in Laos. Most of them are from Putian. The stones they transported earlier are sold at the price of Shoushan's process of pyrophyllite (Shoushan Stone), which has gained high profits. In this case, a large number of Putian people poured into Laos!

Cupro fiber is a kind of regenerate cellulosic fiber, the cross section of which is round without skin core. Cupro can sustain high stretch and the fiber is thin so the finished fabric is soft and gentle in luster similar to silk. Because of its excellent wearability , wet absorption and good drape, Cupro Yarn is often used in high end fashion design. 
Cupro is also called bemberg. We promote cupro yarn blended with cotton and extrafine merino wool in 2020 spring summer season. This item is very suitable for knitting luxury light weight knitwear.
Our Cotton Blend Yarn NM1/26 65% cotton 25% cupro 10% extrafine Merino Wool Yarn knitting is one of our most popular Cotton Cupro Wool Yarn.

Cupro Yarn

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