Lesotho 2015 spring and summer new conference is scheduled for October 7 grand opening

Watching so many apparel brands have released the spring and summer 2015 fashion trends, like Lesotho 's friends are not anxious it? As the saying goes: a good show is behind! Lesotho women's spring 2015 launch of the new conference scheduled for October 7-12 grand opening!


Franchisees who participated in the new product launches all know that in addition to the dynamic new catwalk, there are some trainings, new products to explain, selling point analysis, and so on, then this 2014 Spring and Summer will be Leisuo Si will give us the band Come to some fresh feeling? Mysterious is worth the wait, or let us quietly waiting for the arrival of the day, all the answers will be revealed one by one.

About the brand:


"LEISUOSI Leisuo Si" brand products not only have their own unique ideas, but also a blend of the international fashion, new color, colorful, and for the millions of taste elegant, independent personality, the pursuit of fashion, brand-oriented modern urban women's fashion belt Come fashion style and quality of life both wearing needs, aesthetic experience and psychological satisfaction.

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