Jiacai women's wear with you to understand what the European and American high-end brands

In today's era of increasingly seeking materialistic, high-end brand is loved by more and more women want to know what the European and American high-end women's brands, Ka Choi women you explain.


First, Donald. The founder of donnakaran is a woman who is not surprisingly average appearance. In 1984, in order to diversify her clothing kingdom, her company was founded jointly with her husband in 1984 and launched a series of distinctive products: dkny , Dknyclassic, dknaactive, dknyjesns, a new interpretation of the different cultures brought together in New York and their unique flavor of life. dkny to a more avant-garde, more stylish, more casual approach portrayed New York culture of different times, different flavor of the times, in a very different language dkny unique charm.

Second, Louis. Founded in 1854, Vuitton is now part of the Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton Group, a French luxury exclusive luxury product. The founder is Louis. Vuitton himself.

From the beginning of the design to the present, the interweaving letter canvas bag with the unique LV logo is a classic of fashion with rich legendary design and Athens design. For 100 years, the world has undergone many changes, and people's pursuit and Aesthetic concepts also change, but Louis Vuitton not only reputable, but now maintains an unparalleled charm.

Third, Chanel is a well-known brand with more than 80 years of experience. Chanel fashion always has the style of elegance, simplicity and exquisiteness. She is good at breaking the tradition and as early as the 1940s, she has successfully promoted the ladies' This is perhaps the earliest modern casual wear.

Chanel best understand women, Chanel products a wide range of each woman in the world of Chanel can always find the right things in Europe and the United States and even the upper class of women even circulating the phrase "when you can not find the right clothing When wearing Chanel suit.

Fourth, the famous Italian fashion brand Versace represents a brand family, a fashion empire. Its distinctive design style is a unique symbol of the avant-garde art with a strong sense of beauty. Among them are the glamorous and imaginative styles that showcase Renaissance features. These models beautiful sexy, feminine, colorful, both the super-realistic opera gorgeous, but also give full consideration to wearing comfort and proper display size.
Versace glittering metal objects and decorative pants, leather women's clothing to create a woman between the woman and the banshee female image.

Fifth, Dior brand has always been synonymous with gorgeous women's. Large v collar Kamala evening dress, multi-level and freely with the fur, etc., are from the genius of the master Dior hand design, its elegant long narrow skirt, the wearer has always been able to walk freely, reflecting the elegant The perfect combination with practicality. Dior brand revolution is also reflected in the comprehension of fashion commitment; choice of high-grade fabrics such as silk, traditional coat, worsted wool, taffeta, gorgeous embroidery and so on. Workmanship is more sophisticated. For decades, Dior brand constantly for people to create a "new opportunity, a new love story." Dior made an indelible contribution to the reconstruction of the World Fashion Center in post-war Paris.

Sixth, gucci legend Since Karl Lagerfeld took over Chanel, the most attractive and shocking to be regarded as tom ford took over the story of gucci. Fashion essential: Güze Despite the dazzling fashion brands, but the style has always been favored by the business community, while still elegant fashion, the Italian brand has always been the simple design of the main clothing, especially this season's men's clothing, cutting new, diffuse The 18th century Venetian style, and then into the jeans, space and rock stars of color, so heroic in a bit unruly, exudes charm.

Seven, founder Valentino garavani Valentino. Garavani was born in Italy in 1932, Valentino in Rome in 1960, Valentino in 1968-1973, and Valentino in 1973 to buy it back. Valentino won the Chennai-Marcos Award, the Italian Foundation Award. Flirtatious, glamorous is Valentino brand characteristics. Valentino likes to use the purest colors, of which bright red can be said to be his standard color. Fine Valenti workmanship is very elegant, from the whole to every small detail has done perfect. Valentino is a symbol of luxury, luxury lifestyle, extremely sought after perfect celebrity loyalty.

Eight, PRADA can be described as an old name, but because of its pursuit of perfection of the product, so young and old, the recognition of this brand is by no means inferior to any other brand. To recall the history of Prada, we must talk about the beginning of the twentieth century ... Prada was founded in the early 20th century, due to frequent business trade and transportation at that time frequent business travel, founder Mario Prada began to create a series of handmade leather goods for travel products, And in 1913 opened a boutique. In 1978 Miuccia Prada and her husband, Patrizio Bertelli, took over Prada, leading Prada to a new milestone.

Nine, GUESS brand from the French Southern Marciano brothers founded. They incorporated the romantic and passionate French design and style into their understanding and appreciation of American West culture. Founded in 1981, GUESS was founded as a jeans manufacturer and has now grown into one of the most recognized and most influential brands in the world today with agents and distributors on five continents. With GUESS designed for men's, women's, children's and families' clothing and accessories, the master's refined lifestyle is most vividly illustrated.

Ten, the founder giorgio armani (George Armani) was born in Italy in 1934 to study medicine and photography, worked as Cerruti men's designer, founded in 1975 George. Armani. Won the Chennai - Marcos Award, the whole wool logo award, Life Achievement Award, the American International Designers Association Award, Kuti. Shaq Award and other awards. George. Armani is now the largest European designer brand in the United States, and is known for using new fabrics and fine craftsmanship. Nine, Valentino: eternal elegance exclamation point. Whenever and wherever VALENTINO is always a luxurious, elegant and graceful embodiment, filled with fantastic visual metaphors, into a peaceful real life, it turned into a perfect combination of personal senses and social emotions, more than 40 years , She spread the dreams of thousands of consumers ......

Senior ladies precious to a style is only one, and so far the world often order high-level women's customers only 300 people, senior women's clothing can be said to be top-class people and customized, many international big names are not necessarily The right to make high ladies, because this authority to be issued by the Paris Haute Couture Association, the world is only only more than 100 brands and designers are eligible to make, so that is not a big card must have a high-level women's.

In recent years, Jiacai women's wear has been devoted to the study of the European and American high-end brand version, after a long period of exploration, we finally found our new position Jiacai, natural materials and advanced European and American version of the combination of technology, the color is also More bold and innovative, Ka Choi to a higher quality and high-grade platform.

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