What is the pigeon blood ruby

Players who like rubies must know the pigeon blood red ruby, the name has become a code and logo, in the people's impression it symbolizes high quality ruby. So what exactly is the pigeon blood red?

Pigeon blood ruby

Pigeon blood red and Burmese red treasure color the best ruby ​​called "pigeon blood red" in the pure ruby ​​with a hint of blue, can really be called the pigeon blood red ruby ​​production is not much and worth not Philippine, mostly produced in Myanmar, the gloss after cutting is comparable to the brilliance of diamonds. Many of the rubies sold in the market are named after the Burmese red treasure, but they are not all produced in Myanmar, but because of the high quality. Most of the rubies are produced in Myanmar, so the jewelry industry has called the better quality rubies the Burmese red treasure.

The place where the origin is Myanmar's red ruby ​​is not a sign of the top pigeon blood. The true blood of the pure blood is produced in a mining area in Myanmar. This mine is called Mogok. The official name of Myanmar is UnionofMyanmar, also known as MogokStoneTract. Before 1972, Sri Lanka's English name was Ceylon, and later changed to SriLanka, so many certificates would indicate Ceylon when the origin was indicated, but I saw that it meant Sri Lanka.

In fact, the top pigeon blood is "not clean" inside. Ruby crystals in the Mogok region have characteristic inclusions: “syrup” and colorless crystal inclusions. There are these inclusions, so that there will be a "burning" feeling. "Syrup" means red like a syrup stirred in water, spreading throughout the gem, like a flame. Then, many colorless crystal inclusions are like flashing sparks in the flame. Put the top pigeon blood ruby ​​in the darkroom and illuminate it with spotlights, and the gems seem to burn.

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