Soapstone identification method

Do you know how to identify bloodstone? Today, Xiaobian will come to you to talk about the identification method of bloodstone, let's get to know it!


The bloodstone can be divided into three ways: chicken blood, texture, and weight:

1, fake chicken blood: no silver spots, shades are uneven, the thickness of the lines are different, the pattern is not natural, the arrangement does not conform to the law of chicken blood, and the naked eye is very easy to distinguish.

2, texture: fake with plastic compounds, there is no stone sense, there is no stone powder with a knife. Some people even sliced ​​the bloodstone and paste it on the rough stone, and then glue it with the joint glue and the stone powder. The shape is very similar to the real bloodstone. Under the strong light, the authenticity can be discerned, or whether the blood color and the shape are consistent or not. Coherent, it is not difficult to see through. In addition, some people use stone powder to add compounds, mold molded with "cinnabar" or red watercolor fake chicken blood.

3, weight: the weight of the real bloodstone is more stable, the weight of the fake chicken blood is relatively frivolous, as long as the following steps are carefully tested: (1) finely ground with sand cloth, the real chicken blood stone will be stone powder and have the phenomenon of cinnabar red, fossil (2) carved with a knife, the fake bloodstone stone is a plastic crumpled stone chip, can feel it; (3) with fire, fake bloodstone will have a burnt gel smell, real bloodstone will not (4) The weight of the hand is heavy, and the fake bloodstone is lighter due to the different textures; (5) the feeling of the meat is tested, and the fake bloodstone has no stoney cold feeling.

The above is a brief introduction to the method of identification of bloodstone, and friends who don’t know, have a new understanding of this! I hope the above introduction will help you.

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