What is jeans syndrome legendary cowboy answer for you

It has become an indisputable fact! According to the legendary cowboy headquarters data investigation team has done an interesting investigation recently and found that jeans are no longer the case of Europe and the United States, the Chinese people Has been "ill" is not light, jeans syndrome is rapidly spread! In our lives, there are many people who do not have jeans lose their souls, less jeans do not know how to wear clothing, clothing, old feel wrong. When the only suit in the closet when the pants, with the match seems to be a lot more restrictions, no jeans, not cool, walking on the contrary will become gentle. You are not such people? Is not suffering from jeans syndrome? How crazy you are on jeans, according to the following judgment, the more consistent, the more serious your jeans syndrome, but rest assured, it is not a real disease. 1, at least 5 or more jeans. 2, must wear jeans everyday, even wear jeans when going to work. Will choose a variety of jeans styles, jeans will be used to deal with different occasions, feast also wear jeans. 3, when forced to put on suit pants, for you it is a very painful thing. 4, to the shopping, fancy jeans, will buy 2, one for wearing, the other keep spare. 5, wearing jeans, I feel very energetic, feel handsome, if not lazy and uninvited, wearing a suit pants feel overwhelmed. 6, at least every few months to buy more than 1 piece of jeans. 7, mom often nagging you always do not change pants, in fact, you are changing every day, only her elderly people will only distinguish the color, can not distinguish the same color of water jeans What is the difference. At the same time she often nagging do not buy new pants only love pants, for her, washing jeans is the old pants. 8, bought jeans, tag will be collected as a souvenir. 9, buy jeans, there is a special period of fanaticism, will buy books, Internet research, budget enough to collect antique jeans for collection, only cherished but not willing to wear it. Jeans personal, wear-resistant, not afraid of dirty, is nowadays young men and women essential clothing, jeans, wild features and stylish elements make people crazy, it seems the legendary jeans Xiaobian I have a jeans syndrome ~.

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