Printing trend continues to be popular this spring you have to miss it?

Printing elements in all major fashion show field breeze, so that printing began to swell. Printing has long been a woman's patent, ethnic printing, animal printing, and the style of palace printing men can also control. However, do you want to go with a good print really need some effort. Let's take a look at those very hot print items. Jennifer Poetry Spring / Summer 2014 Series Printed single product: Pearlescent printing shirt In this season of printing popular, all kinds of totem patterns far away from the traditional can be used as printing appear in different forms of different fabrics clothing, printing patterns So there is a new definition. The use of small beading elements to print shirts look more three-dimensional at the same time more expressive. Jennifer poetry spring / summer 2014 series printing single product: character printing T-shirt character printing in the printing family plays a retro nostalgic role. From Givenchy 2013 men's spring show, we can see the character printing can be described as running through the whole. In this "sentimental" autumn, the characters represented by the retroist party must bear the brunt of the new wave of nostalgia.

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