Love yarn baby, Oriental women to the healthiest care

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, underwear as a necessity to enhance women's taste and build a slim figure is more and more recognized and favored by women. They are not only concerned about underwear style, but also pay attention to the quality of underwear, which is an opportunity for underwear industry It is also a challenge. Practice has proved that only good quality, design science, price-friendly, well-service brand underwear in fierce competition in the market to go further.


Love yarn International is a collection of underwear research and development, design, production, management, marketing in one of the large modern enterprise group, in the course of development, Love yarn "to take care of women's health responsibility," the original intention has not changed. First of all, from the design means, to take three in one design, breast enhancement at the same time, reduce the waist, abdomen, wearing more stability. Cup three-dimensional three-dimensional cut to make the chest was naturally drop-shaped, this design is fully consistent with Asian women's physical characteristics, and wear activities are also very comfortable, no sense of pressure, but also to ensure the health of the breast. Second, from the fabric point of view, love yarn underwear with bamboo charcoal fiber and natural silk protein fabric, crystal sapphire high elastic fiber contains natural crystal ore composition, with a punctured massage, burning excess fat, and the gradual disappearance of excess fat function, pearl Silk protein breathable, anti-bacterial, anti-odor, can promote metabolism, make the skin smooth and delicate.


Love yarn International Chairman Mr. Zou Jifu told reporters, Love yarn Baby is designed for ergonomics function underwear, not only can be modified body, but also on the body to adjust and beautify the ideal, while the original has the ideal body People keep good posture. This bodybuilding underwear, both shrink the lines of the beam clothing, girdle, beam pants, but also highlight the lines of the protruding pants, three-dimensional Wai, hip pants, regardless of income, mention, make up properly, in order to create a delicate beauty The body curve, resulting in bumpy beauty.


Listed three years, Love yarn has always uphold the "purpose of protecting women's health," the beautiful purpose, created the company's "Love yarn Baby", "GETFIT" "100 gifted Ti" and other three underwear industry have a good reputation brand . Love yarn gathered elite designers, ergonomics Ph.D., body experts, they fully absorb the concept of European and American fashion clothing, rubbing the essence of the East traditional culture, professional skills, strict scientific processes, the introduction of basic underwear (bra, underwear ), Body underwear (plastic pants, corset, girdle, etc.), fashion underwear (sleeping sling, home service, etc.) and other three categories of underwear products in all directions, to maximize the female friends to provide brand new and stylish Beautiful, professional care.


In the future, Love yarn International will continue to shoulder the "most beautiful Oriental women, the most healthy care," this glorious mission to promote the development of China's fashion underwear career and make new contributions to the brilliant!

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