2011 Ding Dong cat children's clothing products wonderful analysis

2011 Qidong Cats autumn and winter quarter of the product is very rich in the structure of the product, while retaining the original design in the series of large children, the addition of children's series design and down jacket design two plates, a total of nearly 300 models introduced. Now Qidong cat 2011 autumn and winter series of some products are as follows, so that everyone can see it. First, one of the girls series: "elegant" This series will be integrated into more innovative fabrics and process design, whether it is a retro Scottish style dress, or slightly orthodox jacket, or simple and elegant design, the girls Can wear out the elegant and modern urban style, to become a beautiful landscape! Second, the series of boys: "Roman Holiday" This series brings together the true portrayal of the Italian fashion, elegant life, put it down with the dyed yarn, yarn-dyed grid is widely used, cardamom purple, campus blue, metallic gray and ghosted Green and other colors with each other to show the vitality of youthful campus style and fashion charm. Jingle cats 2011 boys and girls series of products Third, down series: "snow fly" Listen to the snow, watching the snow fall, the series reflects the pure white fairy tale world. This series of down fabrics are the latest research and development of high-tech composite fabric at home and abroad, the advantage of waterproof, high density, anti-running wool, breathable and strong. In terms of color, we have boldly tried out brighter bright colors such as blue, orange and green. The metallic colors represented by gold and silver are absolutely popular, injecting vitality into the traditional silhouettes and patterns of autumn and winter, Create stylish outfits. 2011 Doraemon cat feather products another year winter Yang shines ... .. 2011 this season, "Jingle cat" down series of children's clothing to bring the warm breath of the sun slowly come in the chilly winter seasons to give children a warm feeling . "Doraemon cat" down children's clothing, with a beautiful color, so that children's life swirling in the sun-shining ground, covered with the road on both sides. All winter dreams, this time Chhnang to fly. Dreamy autumn and winter seasons, "Ding Dong Cat" will be stylish, sophisticated, environmentally friendly, elegant feather series perfect pass to everyone. In the pure world, "Doraemon" feather series embodies the dreamlike world of fairy tales. In terms of color, in line with the international fashion trends, it boldly adopts the bright and bright color system and the perfect combination of metallic colors for The traditional autumn and winter contours and patterns to inject vitality, to create a stylish dress, add a gorgeous warm winter Psalms. Shanghai Lanbo Star Children's Products Co., Ltd. - Ding Dong cat Shanghai Company Address: No. 463 Nanjing Road, Shanghai Manhattan Plaza, 4th Floor, Guangdong Company Address: High-tech Zone, Shantou, Join Hotline:,0754-8826657188465298 official website: G times, mobile phone access more exciting: 3g.ddcat.cn

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