Xiangnuo costumes from the fashion to achieve female dreams

Xiangnuo as the implementation of new urban romantic life of youth fashion brand, positioning in the 20-40 year-old Xiangnuo unassuming young youth groups. Rich models, beautiful colors, details of the delicate, highlighting the spirit of human freedom. Combination of strong laminated with law, so that the taste of young girls to enjoy. A brand-name enterprises, the implementation of brand strategy, brand name, interpretation of a brand advocate a stylish, natural, elegant, casual design style, with wonderful ideas, exquisite tailoring, superior fabrics, showing their own personality, charming flashing fashion and Confident style.


Market positioning: Each store location in different locations, the face of the customer is also different, the competitive environment is also different, the market orientation is based on the principles are also different, Xiang Nuo help the pursuit of different age women, women dreams, Xiang Nuo vs Beautiful, Xiangnuo costumes starting from the fashion!

Brand positioning: the current domestic and international women's brand style is very different, the consumer groups for the women's clothing style selective is also different, Hunan discount women's clothing brand collection of many well-known domestic and foreign brands (such as: international brands according to Kaoru, Song Rui, Hangzhou school: thousands of Man, to ensure that the abundant supply of Xiannuo, fashionable goods, high-grade quality, the establishment of a strong brand women's "concentration camp", or elegant or unrestrained, more than a thousand models any choice.


Age Positioning: Between 25 and 45 fashion elegant women. Price positioning: Gordon brand discount women's clothing to reach more consumers want to spend less money to buy the well-known domestic and foreign women's clothing brand, the more beautiful, 100% degree of attention. Spring and Autumn Equipment: The original price of 199-499 yuan / piece, the price is only 20-60 yuan / piece.

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