Suzhi Xie endorsement of women's underwear brand gentle appearance of commercials

South Korea, a lingerie brand invading male star Su Zhibie endorsement, has recently made a more relaxed and pleasant publicity advertising photos.

苏志燮代言女性内衣品牌 温柔出镜广告片

Su Zhixie shot this set of advertising photos, full of warm healing feeling, whether it is his gentle expression or the entire screen composition shows the gentle atmosphere, are easy to make a woman inside soft. Obviously this brave new attempt at this brand is very successful and very hard.

苏志燮代言女性内衣品牌 温柔出镜广告片

In addition, some South Korean media reports recently pointed out that more and more South Korean enterprises have broken the stereotypes and used heterosexual advocates such as the invitation of So Ji-sup to the women's lingerie brand.

苏志燮代言女性内衣品牌 温柔出镜广告片

This is a daring experiment and innovation in South Korea, where its thinking is relatively conservative. In fact, advertisers have always used the corresponding homosexual artists to endorse the hope that customers will be able to buy because of their longings and longing for the star Their products, but now they have broken this concept and began to boldly try to attract customers by "heterosexual charm." Therefore, more and more brands invite "opposite sex artists" to endorse their products. For example, before Su Zhixie, There are no male artists in Korea who speak the lingerie brand.

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