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According to authoritative statistics, at present, there are over 300 million children in China and the total consumption value can reach over 100 billion yuan. This is a huge long-term stable market. And into the market of professional children's clothing manufacturers only less than 300, less than 0.5% of the total number of garment manufacturing enterprises. This shows that the Chinese children's wear market is still pet big demand, which will be very conducive to the rapid development of children's wear industry. Recalling the development of our children's shoes industry, almost all the same line, are generally experienced from scratch, ascending to market segments at different stages. Until today, children's shoes industry has become increasingly mature. Want to survive in this highly competitive children's shoes market and stand out is not an easy task. So how does the CASILON brand stand out in this competitive market? Caritas brand invested a large number of technological innovation and research and development efforts, while ensuring the market share of children's shoes, accelerate the start of operating apparel projects, the effective integration of shoes and apparel resources to achieve simultaneous development. In recent years, the Casiron brand took the lead in opening up the Xerox shop in the industry, which not only meets the one-stop shopping needs of consumers, but also speeds up the span of children's shoes brand to children's brand. In the product research and development, the card Xilong brand gathered first-class R & D team at home and abroad, in-depth study of Chinese teenagers trend of shoes and apparel, shoes and apparel at the same time, signed a "patent transfer implementation contract," the invention of the "organism Melting method of manufacturing shoe materials "of the patented technology conversion, applied to the product, both to improve the added value of products, but also for Chinese children to create more quality, comfort, high-tech products. As the market continues to mature, the limitations of a single product can not meet the sustainable development of the overall corporate strategy, it is difficult to prop up the profit expectations of a single store, so the brand into a rich variety of integrated brands to be on sale Enhance profitability and expand market share. Casiron brand not only more fashionable shoes, personalized, international, industrialization, brand positioning differences and diversity gradually obvious, whether it is style, accessories, graphics to the marketing approach are more close to children's psychological experience.

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