EP Ya Ying brand clothing fall 2011 installed: elegant spirit

EP Ya Ying brand clothing fall series 2011, reflecting the grace of a woman. New series is divided into velvet infatuation, black and white elegant, romantic lace, still shine.


Velvet infatuation

Degraded aristocratic gorgeous memory, rock star electric light shiny, mottled barges are accumulated in the thick velvet inside, all sorts of charm.

Velvet is a gift of autumn and winter women's treasures, it seems deep, but it has the luster of the seductive. Degraded aristocratic gorgeous memory, rock star electric light shiny, mottled barges are accumulated in the thick velvet inside, all sorts of flavor, waiting for you to goods. Autumn and winter 2011, velvet began to become very refined, unlike the previous season as extravagant decadent.

This autumn and winter, EP Ya Ying in the velvet light sense into more dress details. High-waisted, slim-fit, delicate and pleated waist folds or elegant bowknot, velvet luster and Swarovski elements perfectly together, with a low-key luxury and tenderness.


Black and white elegant

White never dies, indispensable to black. Black and white fashion will never fade popular. No one allows this world a monotonous moment! Used to see the verdant verdant, cool color black and white but particularly dazzling but profound. Wild black and white can deal with a variety of occasions, giving the maximum freedom. Black and white is the coolest mix of seasons.

This season, EP Ya Ying designers will be flexible use of black and white tones. What is presented to us is different from the elegance of this grandiose, calm and calm. Black and white colors, precise tailoring, free and easy rate, fashion in the silent outbreak of sexy power, simple black suit style or with dazzling or low-key jewelry can let you generous decent, ease.

EP雅莹品牌服装2011秋季置装:优雅精神 Romantic lace

Lace, the most feminine "visual perfume", this season, the extremely extravagant lace, neck, skirt embellishment extended to a large area of ​​visual impact, the aesthetic level of lace palace-style shirts, Slim dress are more than ever Romantic.

Lace is the highlight of this season EP Ya Ying T station, and this season's lace is more biased toward the court style in the meticulous design. Gentle texture to better show the curve, a large area of ​​the extraordinary luxury show lace, and delicate lace embellishment is also very tempting. Penetrating black lace with fur, quite classical elegance, with a straight black jeans pants, full of femininity have just the right handsome.


Still shining

Shine is a must for fashion. Sequin is definitely one of the season hook hooked one of the eye, this year's sequined garments more shine than ever before, more arrogant. From the impression of the black sequins to colorful, sequins all bring us a new visual lure.

To be a woman shining, no matter where it has become the focus of attention, then the sequined dress is an indispensable first choice! EP elegant designer sequin design with the dress closely together, just right to outline a woman's beautiful figure, warm but not publicized. As long as the outer jacket put on a fit, you are absolutely "internally and externally," up to people! Do bling bling party up to people.

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