Cats S technology breakthrough winter extreme sexy limit

Urban winter is a fairy tale-like day, the cold wind can not blow away the fashion crowd's desire for a wonderful life, passionate youth so many romantic stories staged in the winter; however, the snow kingdom also has a beautiful regret, cold Of the weather so that street pedestrians no longer linger, hurried pass away the old city in a beautiful figure, even if the heart has a beautiful concept of sexy life, it can not be transformed into a graceful curve, proud posture Thick coat covered, cocoon into a butterfly beauty woman's largest winter wishes.


Cat people

Has always been committed to the interpretation of a sexy urban life of cat fashion, in the winter reached thousands of women's charm dream. With the sexy leader of the small S on the title of "2010 cat flirtatious festival," the colorful opening, cats new products S technology is also very formal, the bloated "bread-type jacket" into the history of humor, wearing S Technology pole Clothing, inner comfort will melt the ice, my heart's enthusiasm to light up the sexy ideas, fashion women will charm, exquisite figure, youth, charms, noble, personality, mature, etc. into a seductive temperament, Reshape one's own, no temperature difference between the sexy living space.

What makes cat people S science and technology sexy experience so impeccable? To create this paradise is an enviable fineness of only 0.4D fine fibers, which is an ultra-fine fiber fabric, fine wool than the fine 1 / 3-1 / 4; and in After double anti-technology special treatment, the skin feel more supple, smooth, it is learned that cutting-edge technology so that the current fabric has reached the extreme soft performance.


Cat people

Cats fashion not only with cutting-edge technology will be very extreme performance to the extreme, uphold the sexy style of design concepts also broke the fashion charm of the limit. In the cold winter outdoors, fashion women want to be free to wear a variety of style of the coat, and take off the coat, the same can still show their own sexy charm, S technology from the suit with the suit, no matter how the integration of the style of the coat The same dissemination of sexy glamor, and coat into a fun; and when taking off the coat, the extremely independent show also times fold feminine charming.

From the sexy hot summer to the sexy love of the winter, cats fashion in the continuous exploration of the potential of fashion women inside the sexy charm, when every trend of the Queen's self-willed sexy cats in science and technology to achieve very , This winter will no longer be gray, ice and snow will be a woman show off the hot body gorgeous stage.

Wearing a cat man S science and technology clothing, fashion family will appreciate the modern technology presented by the light, thin, warm new feelings. A silk coat as thin as a very light, finger touch is like touching the skin of a woman's skin-like lubrication; and wearing the body, but can feel the warm spring sun as the temperature, skin-friendly design concept will neither Let the cold invasion of delicate body, the same will not be caused by ventilation and other issues of anxiety. And can not afford to ball, anti-static design, more removed from the dress and washing process in the smallest of those troubles.


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