Costume Culture in Tang Poetry: Lazy Painted Makeup and Hair Removal Late

"Lazy painting eyebrow make-up and grooming late," this phrase out of white Wen Tingyun "Pusa Man" this word, shaping the word elegant and luxurious life, cherish their own heart but no one admire their beauty, and emotional lazy Woman's image. Early morning, the window of the rising sun, according to the room, bed front pillow naga twists and turns of the screen, was lit Venus little shining twinkling, so gorgeous living in what is the living room? The author told us " Gills ", where a woman lives, her hair like a dark cloud, wax white waxy snow. Hair formation of the "dark clouds", is the formation of incense cheek "snow" on the "Gone with the Wind" too. The dawn of the woman, woke up, wake up, will wake up, maybe she heard something, perhaps flashing light on the screen dazzling, a slight increase in the head of the woman, the head of that long hair like a cloud drifting across the snow-capped mountains The same brushed her white face. "Why do women lazy to groom themselves?" As the saying goes, "Women are the pleasure of their own people," women are thrushes, grooming, is to enjoy their own people to see, in order to allow appreciation Like it. If anyone appreciates, happy, of course, will get up early thrush, decoration. "Lazy" shows no one appreciated, of course, lack of motivation to get her early. Although the lack of early motivation, but she still "make-up grooming late, dressing still as usual. She "took the flower before and after the mirror, changing the face of flowers," after the grooming, but also take a mirror, placed in the back of the head, to see if the hair comb is not smooth, the flower is not the right place to wear. In this way, in front of the mirror, in the back of the mirror, there is a woman's image, "spend the face to face with each Other", the flower and the human face against each other, the women set off infinitely charming. (


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