City lingerie for the hot investment in the country

Shenzhen City Beauty Trading Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, the company is a franchise underwear products modern chain. The company's flagship brand for the "city of beauty, Nale Si, a situation in love." After a long period of good operation, it is now in Guangdong, Hunan, Shaanxi, Fujian, Henan, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Anhui, Guangxi, Jiangsu, Shandong, Shanghai, Chongqing and Sichuan Occupation of a stable market.

Since the establishment of the company, all aspects of continuous improvement and sustained and stable development. The company has always insisted on the road to professional management, high-quality, low-priced products for the mainstream, promote underwear culture and modern lifestyle ideas. In order to be more efficient and effective for the vast number of consumer services. Today, the company's management and operation in the industry have been the same recognition and praise!


Join advantage
City beauty company has a good business reputation and brand influence, as well as the chain of management experience in the field of success:
● Strong supply chain capability ● Mature logistics system ● System management training and guidance ● Centralized purchase, lower costs and ensure supply ● Multi-brand management, superior product portfolio ● Good product allocation mechanism and zero inventory risk ● Unified image design, decoration ● uniform pricing standards to ensure the interests of distributors
Join conditions
1, the basic amount of investment: 7-8 million (single shop)
2, shop area requirements: 20 square meters and above
3, joining the gold: 5800 yuan, margin: 10000 yuan (contract termination refunded)
4, the contract period: 3 years
5, training period: joining the agreement period


Good or bad?

Look at the mark According to regulations, the Cashmere Sweater trademark should indicate the cashmere content. The higher the cashmere content, the more expensive the price. Particularly noteworthy is that the state stipulates that cashmere sweater cashmere volume must be above 30%, was called cashmere sweater, 95% of the above can be marked 100% cashmere sweater.
2 strong wear resistance. Due to the blended products of cashmere and wool, it is stronger and wearable than pure cashmere, so it is generally more stable to mix a certain proportion of wool; pure cashmere is expensive, but not strong enough, and abrasion resistance is worse than that of sweater.
3 than the weight. The same size cashmere sweater and contrast, the former was significantly lighter than the latter.
4. Some manufacturers use worsted circular knitting fabric, after the down, made into sweaters, posing as cashmere sweater, this sweater feel thick and soft, and cashmere sweater thin and delicate features are very different, should pay attention to identify.
On the market why there is ultra-low-cost cashmere sweater, the parties believe that one is a genuine cashmere sweater, because the broken code, broken number, style obsolete, price cuts sales; there is a blended, a certain percentage of cashmere wool, cashmere The lower the content, the lower the price; the worst is a non-cashmere, good point is to take a cotton sweater posing (cashmere cashmere, sheep cashmere), poor even wool content is not high.

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