The Capital of Chinese Women's Shoes: Leading a New Road for the Development of the National Footwear Industry

The 5th China Women's Shoes International Purchasing Festival and the Shoes Culture and Tourism Festival were successfully held. The event demonstrated a good momentum for the development of Chengdu's footwear industry. More than 3,000 domestic and foreign purchasers signed an intentional order of 1.5 billion yuan to buy 1,000 Chengdu-made shoe products. Wan Shuang; China's first largest and most brand-name pure Italian footwear direct sales center settled in Chengdu; signed the "China Women's Shoes Capital and World Footwear Headquarters Base" strategic cooperation...... This is not only the September 28 opening The 5th China Women's Shoes Capital International Sourcing Festival and the Shoe Culture and Tourism Festival were won, but Chengdu continued to deepen the reform and opening up, develop characteristic and advantageous industries, make the shoe industry stronger and stronger, and strive to take a lively development in the forefront of the western region. slice.

Seizing the historical opportunities in the development of the western region and shouldering the historic mission of actively undertaking the transfer of industries, Chengdu footwear has integrated the brand of “China Women’s Shoes Capital” for 10 years and has become the fastest growing region in the Chinese footwear industry. With the capital of China's women's shoes as a platform, Chengdu has become the four major production bases for the footwear industry and an open and developed industrial highland.

To build a new pattern for the development of Chengdu's footwear industry "It is expected that the Chinese women's shoes capital will achieve a transaction volume of 1.5 billion yuan within half a year." September 28, the opening day of the 5th China Women's Shoes Capital International Shoe Culture Cultural Tourism Festival After many rounds of business negotiations, globally-recognized procurement traders such as Jimla, Entliming, and Pei Shida reached consensus with several Chengdu shoe companies including Wu Jun, Shan Lu, Card Mado, and Yin Yun, and placed orders on the spot. Signed 10 million pairs of intentional orders. This is an epitome of Wuhou District, Chengdu, which has continuously held the International Purchasing Festival of Women's Shoes Capital for many years to deepen reforms and reforms, and constantly explore new paths for industrial development.

After five years of development, the China Women's Shoes Procurement Festival held in Wuhou District, Chengdu in October each year has become one of the most influential footwear exhibitions in China and even in the world. It has become a Chinese shoe company to show its strength and develop shoes. An important platform for trade channels.

With the advantages of the international exhibition platform, Wuhou District, Chengdu City, actively expands the international and domestic markets of Chengdu women's shoes, and continues to open up new prospects for opening to the outside world.

Based on the persistence of internationalization, branding, and specialization in the past procurement festivals, Chengdu promotes the integrated development of the footwear industry in terms of trade, R&D, talent, information, and raw materials. In the past 10 years, the Sichuan footwear industry, represented by Chengdu women's shoes, has jumped from 0.048 billion U.S. dollars to 664 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 137 times. Today, Chengdu and Guangzhou, Wenzhou, and Quanzhou have also called the domestic footwear industry “three states and one capital”, and the output ranks third in the country.

The year 2010 is an “opening year for expansion” determined by the Chengdu Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government. Expanding the opening up is also one of the important measures for Chengdu to build a modern garden city in the world. According to the requirements of the Chengdu Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, the development of Chengdu footwear industry is based on the high-end footwear industry. We will vigorously introduce high-end platforms and institutions for the international industry, foster local high-end industrial chains and manufacturers, and strive to promote the catch-up leap-forward development of the footwear industry.

At the current procurement festival, hundreds of procurement companies and a series of industry heavyweights from Italy, the United States, the Philippines, Thailand, Russia and other countries and Hong Kong, Taiwan and other regions have arrived in Chengdu, and more than 3,000 domestic and foreign professional procurement Shang Qi gathered together, the Global Footwear Industry Development (Chengdu) Forum, the International Purchasing Festival Export Fair, and the introduction of trade solutions to Russia in the new situation, including a series of inbound and outbound matchmaking activities, which made Chengdu shoe companies and major buyers seize the opportunity. Feng... A grand pattern of advancing the development of Chengdu's footwear industry is being formed.

Constantly improve the new mechanism for the development of footwear industry to build a platform to take the procurement festival as a carrier, Chengdu footwear innovation and development mechanism, expand the development space, and enhance sustainable development capabilities.

The 5th China Women's Shoes Capital International Purchasing Festival further promoted the cooperation and exchange between shoe companies and third-party platforms and service providers. It invited a famous shoe brand from Dongguan, a more influential shoe brand in Chengdu, and Chengdu. The well-known Shang Chao is engaged in negotiations. "Through the brand promotion platform, Chengdu shoe enterprises have helped expand the western market and established their own popularity and reputation," said the person in charge of the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Commerce.

At the same time as introducing it, we must go out. On the Procurement Day, the Dongguan Shoe Traders Delegation, the Dongguan Footnotes Base and the Women’s Shoes Capital of China signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. The two parties will establish a long-term cooperation mechanism to jointly develop the domestic and international footwear market and carry out a new round of close co-opperation. Dongguan's World Footwear Headquarters and Chengdu's China Women's Shoes will all form a community of interests, resources sharing, information sharing, and benefit sharing. The two parties will jointly provide services for the footwear enterprises in the two places on the basis of the framework strategic cooperation agreement. They will enter the Chinese market with new materials and technologies from the world, and will join the world market with an open vision to promote the overall promotion of Chengdu footwear industry. The world shoe industry meets.

To develop the industry, companies are the foundation. In this session of the procurement festival, with the 5th China Women's Shoes Capital International Sourcing Festival 2010 SMEs listing seminar held, the Chengdu footwear industry to achieve a leap-forward development path is also clear.

Chengdu footwear industry is one of the traditional pillar industries in Chengdu. Its enterprises are mostly small and medium-sized enterprises. The long-term development has been limited by problems such as liquidity difficulties. The Chengdu Economic and Information Technology Commission held the Chengdu Wuhou New City Construction Management Committee and the 5th International Women's Shoes Organizing Committee of the 2010 China Women's Shoes jointly during the Procurement Day. Its main purpose is to hope to pass this The meeting helped Chengdu shoe companies understand the relevant policies and listing requirements of China's stock and other financial markets, and mastered the listing of companies, especially the restructuring and private equity of pre-listed light industrial companies represented by the footwear industry in Chengdu. The core contents and operating points help companies understand and counsel companies on how to proceed with pre-listing for listing, how to cooperate with various intermediaries, how to pay attention to issues such as issuance review points and procedures, and then expand the number of SMEs in Chengdu footwear industry. Channels, to promote Chengdu shoe enterprises as soon as possible to achieve new breakthroughs in the direct work of SMEs, to fundamentally solve the problem of SMEs difficult, high cost, promote the rapid development of Chengdu footwear industry.

Actively explore new ways for the development of the footwear industry: “Zero time difference, zero-distance feel of Italian fashion.” At the current International Procurement Festival, the Wuhou Chinese women's shoes capital actively introduced Italian high-end brands, occupying an area of ​​4,000 square meters. The flagship store of the famous Ifg Chengdu opened on the opening day. The International Affairs Committee of Italy's Lazio Region, the Italian member of the Parliament, Qiao Beituo Kasani, the Italian Federation of Chinese Enterprises, and the Pan American Federation The delegation went to the scene.

While Italian high-end brands entered and opened up the Chinese market, Chengdu footwear also quietly experienced a new round of industrial upgrading.

Combining "bringing in" and "going out" to lead the western region and grab the global market, Chengdu footwear industry not only has to continue to exert its manufacturing advantages in the industry chain, but also has to grasp the right to speak in technology and the tide and continuously expand its international influence. A large number of local shoe companies seized the opportunity to set off an upsurge of marketing, and their awareness of creating their own brands was clearly strengthened.

On the evening of September 28th, the night of the "sheme & Yishang Famous Brands" Zhongyi Fashion was opened in Wuhou Temple. This “top-level” shoe show event was sponsored by SHEME and the title of Yishang Famous Brand, which both represent the current positive development trend of China’s footwear industry. Sheme, as the "China's No. 1 High-end Brand," represents the highest end of Chengdu and even the entire Chinese footwear industry. It will actively participate in the global high-end competition with its brand strategy; at the same time, it will be represented by its famous brand. Foreign fashion culture, Chengdu footwear has always been holding modest and prudent learning attitude, in order to improve their own quality, and ultimately achieve a win-win situation.

This time, the “sheme & yishang famous brand” Zhongyi fashion night is adhering to this purpose, through a domestic shoe-making industry and the Italian shoe-making industry to observe each other and learn together for the purpose of the activities, to jointly promote the international footwear industry in China And branding process.

In addition, on September 29th, during the Purchasing Festival, shoe design enthusiasts from 12 colleges and many shoe factories in Chengdu gathered together to launch the fourth “Ai Min Child Cup” international youth shoe designer. The competition will lead the women's shoes design through the competition and go out of its own path while nurturing design and technical personnel who have an international perspective and insight into the international market.

At the same time, in order to fully enhance the brand influence of Chengdu footwear industry and improve the industrial chain, the total investment is about 600 million yuan, from the Wuhou Direct Shoes City (Shoe Culture Hall), shoes culture park, footwear production experience area, leisure support area, etc. The AAA tourist attraction, the capital city of China’s women’s shoes, formed by the four major regions was officially opened to citizens during the National Day this year. In addition to enjoying the full set of craftsmanship for footwear production and participating in the local shoemaking process, the public can also enjoy the joy of purchasing direct selling shoes at low prices.

After 7 years of platform construction, resource integration and overall development, Chengdu footwear has initially formed a good development trend of "Sichuan footwear industry in Chengdu and Chengdu footwear industry to see Wuhou." As a key construction project in Sichuan Province and a key industrial base project in western China, the AAA tourist attraction of China’s women’s capital is a central demonstration area for Chengdu’s shoe industry “Wuhou Jiandu and its surrounding areas”. The project covers an area of ​​about 160 acres. The total construction area is about 260,000 square meters. After completion, it is expected to have an average annual sales of 500 million yuan. It will receive nearly a million visitors each year and become the largest and highest grade national AAA tourist attraction in the western part of China.

"Five to 10 years later, this will be the capital of women's shoes in the world." Having visited the capital of women's shoes in China, and witnessing the grand occasion of the Procurement Festival, the United States Footwear Distribution and Retailers Association ** Peter Magiyong outlines Out of the good prospects of Chengdu footwear industry.

After years of hard work, Chengdu footwear industry is actively forming new advantages of participating in domestic and foreign economic cooperation and competition under the conditions of economic globalization, continuously enhancing the driving force of sustainable development, and leading the development of a new approach for the footwear industry in China.


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