Shaanxi Provincial Bureau of Fibre Inspection organizes the supervision and inspection of the autumn harvest in 2010

In order to ensure the smooth development of the acquisition of the autumn harvest in 2010, stabilize the quality of silkworm cocoons in Shaanxi Province, and protect the legitimate interests of the majority of silkworm farmers, according to the arrangements of the China Textile Bureau, the inspection personnel of the Shaanxi Provincial Bureau of Fibre Inspection shall conduct inspections on September 25-30. The 13 inquiries and wire lengths in the major regions of Ankang and Hanzhong silkworm cocoons were purchased for supervision and inspection.

This year's autumn harvest has two obvious characteristics: First, the overall quality of silkworm cocoons has improved a bit over the same period of last year, and second, the purchase price of cocoons has risen sharply. The quality of Qiuging quality and the average quality indicators are: 86% on boarding caries, 19% water content in barium, 85% good caries, 22% caries and 9% in fur. Among them, there are certain improvements in the indicators such as the ratio of rutting, the rate of radon, and the good rate, which are directly related to the cultivation of new silkworm species in various regions. Silkworm cocoon moisture content, foot rate have dropped significantly, especially the foot and foot rate, compared with the spring eel decreased by 31%, which is to strengthen the effect of supervision and management of the embarked station. Qiuqi purchase price rose sharply. The average purchase price reached 17.5 yuan/kg, up to 19.2 yuan/kg. The prices slightly increased compared with the price of spring cymbals, and the price rose by 5 percentage points, but it increased by 44 percentage points compared with the same period of last year.

Through the inspection found some existing problems, the main performance:

First, most of the in-house stations did not enact and implement the DB61/T454-2008 "Silkworm silkworm squid classification test method" for ethical evaluation acquisition, still using the method of seeing hand touch to pricing. At the same time, the incompleteness of the records and preservation of the census data by the post station also led to irregularities in the purchase of bills.

Second, each station cannot standardize the implementation of cocoon-level classification and placement. Since each station did not perform instrument-level pricing, only Zhuangkou, Shangyu, and Xia were classified in the acquisition.

Third, cocoon production has shrunk dramatically. This year's acquisition volume in the autumn and fall compared with the same period last year reduced by more than 30%. The main reason was that the price of silkworm cocoon was relatively low in the previous period, which seriously affected the enthusiasm of the majority of silkworm farmers. In addition to the policy of returning farmland to forests, the area of ​​silkworm breeding and silkworm rearing personnel were severely reduced. In response to the problems in this inspection, Shaanxi Fiber Inspection Bureau has timely informed the Ankang and Hanzhong City Quality Supervision Bureau, and at the same time increased the supervision and service of the silkworm cocoon acquisition station and silk factory.

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