"China Gold" Egypt is popular but it is mixed

Walking in the Egyptian market, people's eyes will be unconsciously attracted by glittering ornaments. Not all of these accessories are made from real gold. Many of them are simulation gold ornaments from China. Locals call it "Chinese Gold."

"China Gold" is sought after by locals, especially young people.

"Chinese Gold" is only a fraction of the price of 24K gold. "China's jewelry is cheap and beautiful, with many styles. The best thing is that they look the same as gold."

31-year-old Amilla, the accountant, said while showing off his body accessories.

AFP quoted her on the 14th, reporting that she usually prefers to go to the jewelry store near the Khalili market to buy himself "China Gold" jewelry, "they look like gold, the most important thing is the price is not expensive."

Currently in Egypt, 24K gold is priced at 218 Egyptian pounds (about 38 US dollars) per gram, but "Chinese gold" made of aluminum, iron and other metals is only 20 to 30 Egyptian pounds (4 to 5 US dollars). “Now, few people have the money to buy real gold, which is why 'China Gold' is so popular,” said a hawker named Nora.

The quasi-family couples most like to use it as a wedding homage, “Chinese Gold”, especially for the prospective couple who are preparing to start their marriage.

According to local customs in Egypt, the bridegroom must not only prepare the house before marriage, but also send a lot of gold or even diamonds to bring the bride home. This makes many shy young people make trouble.

"More and more young couples only buy real gold wedding rings. The rest are all made of 'Chinese Gold'. They use these 'Chinese Gold' as a wedding gift," said Aza Riyad. In order to seize business opportunities, she just opened a jewelry store in northwestern Cairo. "We have a great ring for only 50 Egyptian pounds (8 US dollars)," she said. "Only 150 Egyptian pounds (26 US dollars) you can buy a set of imitation gold jewelry, including bracelets, necklaces and earrings."

What's more appealing is that "these jewelry can not fade for two years."

The alloy may cause skin irritation. “China Gold” is not only welcomed by ordinary people, but also wins the favor of high-income people.

“I bought Chinese jewelry, and I often wear it. It allows you to catch up with the fashion trend without having a 'bleeding',” said full-time wife Fattai Fartas. “When I was wearing it, people thought it was golden. , so why not?

Sylvia Tammel, 43, said: "I spent 30 Egyptian pounds (5 US dollars) to buy a pair of earrings, as cheap as the day, no one can see it is not gold." However, she also Said that can not accept imitation gold jewelry as a gift, if the daughter does not receive the diamond, she will not promise her to marry. Others cannot accept cheap imitation gold ornaments.

The owner of a local jewelry store, **** Falawi, believes that imitation gold jewelry is detrimental to the value of real jewelry. Another jeweller, Vasif Wasep, is concerned that alloy jewellery is detrimental to health.

However, doctors said that the nickel in the alloy may cause allergies to sensitive skin, but this metal is widely used to simulate jewelry production, therefore, "Chinese gold" jewelry will not be more harmful than other simulated jewelry.

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