Rio Fashion Week model health and color lead attention

Winter 2011 autumn and winter fashion week in Rio de Janeiro Mao Harbor. During the five-day fashion week, the fainting of a female model and the launch of a black model on a brand all raised concerns about model health and color. On the 14th, Rio Fashion Week entered the fourth day, a female model suddenly fainted in the background preparation. The 18-year-old model is called Laiza, from central Brazil. Backstage staff said she collapsed due to the heat stroke caused by bad weather, while Laiza's Elite model company said she fainted because she "eats too little." La Esai fainted event became the focus of Brazilian media, and led to the model should be to maintain the discussion of overweight diet. Some reports point out that dieters who die on weekdays typically work harder during the fashion week and eat more often. Brazilian site R7 said that during the Rio Fashion Week and the subsequent São Paulo Fashion Week, many models to be more than 40 days in more than 10 days of continuous catwalks, not only the day and night upside down, and sometimes only one meal a day. The article suggests that models take full advantage of the dim sum provided by the background, and seize the opportunity to "supplement nutrition." In the meantime, whether to enable black models and to what extent use of black models has become another focus of this fashion week. In Brazil, the use of black models in fashion weeks has always been a topic of public concern. Earlier, there have been black models held during the fashion week rally to protest the fashion event, "racial discrimination." In order to alleviate this contradiction, Brazilian authorities hope at least 10% of all fashion week catwalk models will be black models. The current Rio Fashion Week a total of 25 brands catwalk. A few days before Fashion Week, black models sporadically appear, and on the last day of Fashion Week, a brand called OiEstudio turns black models on the catwalk. The brand clothing in the pattern of decorative use of large numbers of black flowers, while using a large black, white, red contrast. Brazilian media believes that this color hints at the friendly relations among various races in Brazil bring about a strong visual impact on people and at the same time it raises questions about racial issues. This special catwalk won warm applause from the audience, the current Fashion Week to a climax. Brazilian media believes that in the current global fashion industry are concerned about the problem of black models, the Rio Fashion Week "to show his gesture by action."

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